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Redefine your operations and reimagine your goals as you begin a digital transformation that creates genuine value for all your stakeholders.

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Seizing Opportunity

Our customers increasingly reimagine and redefine their role in today’s digital reality. They are motivated to challenge established corporate strategies and conduct disruptive changes in existing business models.

Building momentum

For businesses based across a broad spectrum of industries, digital solutions and innovative ways of working are essential to present and future success. Organizations must be able to design and implement digital strategies and innovation initiatives, building momentum towards emerging new business opportunities.

Meet your potential

We engage with our customers, helping them to take on their most important strategic challenges and seize their greatest opportunities by harnessing the full power of digital. We use a variety of innovative methodologies to help our customers grow into new territories across the ideation, design and prototyping of new products and respective customer journeys.

How we support our customers

At Eraneos we help our customers lay the foundation for company success in both the present and future. We refine customer ambitions, develop or ensure alignment with the corporate strategy and validate value creation. We ensure our customers embark on a transformation journey that is truly creating value for their shareholders, their employees and the ecosystems in which they operate.

Empowering digital transformation and innovation

We have several value propositions within our Digital Business & Innovation services.

Digital Strategy Development

Digital strategies are developed to either strengthen the core business of a company or help develop new or disruptive businesses. We help our customers to create a long-term strategy and envision an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Realizing Value / Strategy Implementation

Our disciplined, practical approach to implement a digital strategy unleashes the full potential of digital capabilities, expands business value and grows new business models. We help our customers create a detailed blueprint of future digital capabilities, establish implementation plan for capabilities with clear ownership and help navigate implementation and scale of defined capabilities to promote digital excellence.

Digital Transformation Office

To stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, a centralized team of digital experts is key to develop customized solutions for your business success. We support you with best-practice solutions to establish a suitable Center of Excellence that best meets your future digital organization. In doing so, we take a holistic view of the transformation process and consider all areas of your business.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

The realization of digital strategies is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. For management to ensure a meaningful contribution of their resources to strategic goals and to create transparency on all strategic action, new ways of organizing are needed. By utilizing OKRs, companies focus their valuable resources on joint priorities throughout the organization, creating ownership for employees over goals by tangible key results. We guide succesful OKR introduction as process owners from conception and tool selection over implementation to training measures and quality control.

Digital Business Modeling

We take you on the journey to explore how you can do business and help you achieve the competitive advantage. Our offering helps you navigating through the vast possibilities to focus on what you can do best – always keeping a digital mindset.

Digital Readiness Assessment

Keeping a competitive advantage in the digital age requires maximum digital readiness. We offer our customers a technology driven proven and effective method of analyzing their digital maturity and competitiveness. Working closely with all stakeholders we quickly identify gaps and optimization potentials. We succeed in providing our customers with actionable roadmaps for reaching their full digital potential.

Digital Strategy Fitness Check

Ever new changes that affect your business and your decisions – this is the reason why we conduct fitness checks of existing digital strategies. The target is to re-focus and consider latest trends in your strategy and prepare your business for the future.

Digital Capability Mapping

Digital capability mapping is crucial for any organization to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital economy. We enable businesses to prioritize their digital investments and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation by developing a tailored roadmap for improving digital capabilities, focusing on the areas where the investment will provide the most significant impact. This enables you to meet your strategic goals with greater speed, agility, and confidence.

Evolve Over Platform Towards a Digital Ecosystem

Unlock the power of digital transformation and reimagine your service and product portfolio with a digital ecosystem, tailored to seamlessly integrate your business operations and drive growth and efficiency. Starting individually from existing capabilities and creating exponential added value for the company and customers.

Value Optimization

Strengthening and reinforcing the core of an organization’s existing business is essential if it is to enhance the value it can offer customers. We challenge and support our customers to rethink and optimize their current business model.

Identify and Shape New Growth Options

Rethinking, redesigning, or expanding a company’s business models by experimenting with novel ways of thinking can help organizations to reinvigorate their relevance and value for their customers in the foreseeable future.

Digital Assessments

Efficient and effective change demands an understanding of the present situation and its deficiencies. A range of assessments, conducted jointly with our customers and tailored to their needs, help define a clear starting point or revise an existing digital strategy and structured approach to measure maturity and progress.

Build and Secure a Managed Innovation Capability and Culture

Being able to design and build innovation capability from the ground up, including topics such as governance, leadership, processes, tools, innovation accounting, way of working, expertise and culture, as well as innovation measurement are essential to modern business success.

Scout, Evaluate and Manage Innovative Trend and Technologies

Thinking innovation on a corporate level requires a holistic view from innovation assessment until market go-live. We support our clients in a stage gate model along all phases within the innovation funnel. This also includes setting up the innovation strategy and funnel, trend scouting and evaluation using our trend radar for finding technologies and insights for our clients at early stage, transferring them into real products and solutions.

Venture Building and Venture Clienting

We focus on the exploitation of potentials, such as creating new revenue sources, developing new markets, creating synergy effects, and competitive advantages by answering relevant questions, such as: Shall we exploite existing assets or develope new assets? Should the company be spun off? Different goals require different approaches. With our venture building and venture clienting approach, we support you in finding the right answers, defining a suitable strategy, implementing it successfully and lastly measuring it.

Our Impact

Our Digital Business & Innovation services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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