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Augment Your Human Expertise

Digitalization has become an intrinsic part of everyday life, affecting how companies that provide professional services operate and communicate. New digital services are transforming the customer base and creating new business models, innovative value propositions, and an increasingly connected system of key partners throughout the sector and beyond.

Finding an extra dimension

Cloud solutions, business analytics, big data and cognitive computing are becoming increasingly important in the professional services sector. Predictive analytics, AI and other emerging technologies add an extra dimension to your human expertise, creating new opportunities to enhance services and lower costs. 

With increasing digitalization, the importance of information technologies continues to grow at professional services firms.

The demands of transformation

IT must redefine its role in the business to accompany innovations and drive them forward. A cost-efficient, secure and timely provision of the required IT infrastructures and applications as well as the integration of new, innovative technologies requires not only a high level of professional competence but also extensive experience. To this end, new skills and abilities must be developed and the existing structures transformed into new operating models. 

Eraneos itself is a professional service firm. As such, we know the market challenges emerging in the industry whether they concern labor shortages, people development, heightened competition, a lack of customer loyalty, the management of complex projects or any other hurdle. We have an agile organization and a modern target operating model (TOM) in place and are happy to share and discuss all our answers to the challenges you’re facing in an open, collaborative manner.

Digital transformation for professional services

We support and advise professional service firms in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the professional services space.

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