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As your trusted IT advisor, we will partner with you to navigate the challenges around digitalization, driving the transformation of IT roles at your company. Together, we support your transition from enabler to innovator.

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Digitalization is having a fundamental impact on companies. Digital transformation creates new opportunities to move forward as an organization. CIOs are challenged to enable digital business models, automate processes, make optimal use of data, and ensure their organization is more agile than ever. Eraneos is the partner to drive the CIO agenda in designing, implementing, and managing their organization as well as their delivery and organization models, from strategy to execution – from enabler to innovator.

IT for the digital era

Information technology is a central and indispensable part of corporate value creation. Cost-efficient and timely provision of the required IT infrastructures and applications as well as the integration of new, innovative technologies requires not only a high level of expertise but also a great deal of experience.

Today’s CIO agenda must encompass various business responsibilities. This not only requires close cooperation with individual departments but also a holistic view of the company and its processes, IT must redefine its role within the company. The necessary transformation of existing structures into new operating models is demanding. New capabilities and skills must be built up within IT.

We are your guide for the journey to the cloud

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, embarking on a journey to the cloud is a critical step for organizations aiming to stay competitive and agile. Our consulting services are tailored to guide you through this transformative journey, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud. We understand that the process can be complex, with various cloud platforms, deployment models, and security considerations to navigate. Our team of seasoned experts is equipped to provide comprehensive support, from initial strategy development and cloud assessment to migration and ongoing optimization. We help you harness the full potential of cloud computing, maximizing efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness while minimizing risk.

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