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Maximize your own capacities and market opportunities by sourcing with a focus on people, processes and digital transformation.

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Strategic Sourcing you can Trust

Strategic sourcing is a crucial factor in the development of your business model, organization and IT landscape. The right mix of partnerships and suppliers determine your efficiency, innovative strength and even the attractiveness and competitiveness of your company. Eraneos is the partner to guide you through all stages of the complex sourcing process.

Sourcing at the heart of your strategy

With the rapid changes in the technology area, it is essential to continuously adapt your organization and IT landscape and make it future-proof. The challenge is choosing the right focus and defining which tasks should be done by your own organization, but also which ones should be outsourced to be able to lead or keep up with market developments.

Eraneos supports clients to choose the optimal models for (hybrid) cloud solutions and partnerships whether they are offshore, nearshore or onshore. By sourcing intelligently, you can realize a successful digital transformation, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and accelerate innovation. At the same time, it is also important to look at your needs for continuity, compliancy and (cyber) risk management. Our holistic approach ensures a sustainable sourcing process.

Accelerate IT transformation with sourcing

The IT infrastructure and services are the backbone that supports your entire organization. Our expertise in IT sourcing will help you design and implement well-founded sourcing guidelines and an IT landscape that integrates both current market standards and future-proof innovation opportunities.

Whether you want to move applications or computing power to the cloud, use the most suitable AI platform, outsource development capacity, or insource a distinctive process, a proper sourcing approach will contribute to the success of your digital transformation. The right sourcing mix enables you to maximize both your own capacities and the opportunities the market has to offer.

Supporting our customers

With the support of our experts, you can identify the greatest possible benefit for your company by means of strategic sourcing. With over 25 years of experience in this field, Eraneos can provide you with the best practices, templates, tools, consulting, and models for every phase of a sourcing project.

At Eraneos, we focus on business growth, reducing complexity and cost, and accelerating digital transformation by providing sourcing advisory services you can trust.

Digital transformation with our Sourcing Advisory services

We have several value propositions within our Sourcing Advisory services.

Emerging Technologies

We support businesses in identifying relevant technologies and their impact on various industries and client situations, generating unforeseen business opportunities.

Data Management, Analytics, and Governance

We ensure high-quality data is the basis for data-driven companies. Our services are data-driven to enhance decision-making, improve collaboration, and increase service excellence.

Digital Workplace & Collaboration

What makes a modern digital workplace and what is necessary for efficient collaboration? We optimize client communication, data, security, and application delivery to ensure businesses have access to future-proof technologies on modern workplace infrastructure.

Cloud Transformation

We facilitate cloud readiness and guide you through a successful journey to the cloud. Starting with the cloud strategy and the right partnership, we assess your applications and define the best usage of the cloud while ensuring security.

Enterprise Applications

Delivering less complexity and more transparency around applications like ERP, CRM, and ECM tools is key. The ability to rationalize, modernize and transfer to these services rapidly reduces complexity while access to supplier data delivers valuable insights.

IT Operating Model, DevOps, SAFe

We define the Target operating model (TOM) with processes, structures, roles and skills while bringing your internal and external workforce to the new operating model within a multi-supplier ecosystem. We will collaborate with customers to design and implement IT operational processes, align those processes with new roles and responsibilities, ensure enterprise agility, and provide end-to-end processes and workflows across business and delivery units.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Robust enterprise architecture enables businesses to undergo a proactive transformation towards cloud readiness through the modernization of the entire IT landscape, including assessment and realization.

Strategic Sourcing & Governance

The digital services production chain is more diverse and complex than ever. A holistic sourcing strategy can manage and mitigate these complexities, driving efficiencies and creating headroom to reinvest in innovations. Governance is no longer simply about the IT function and external suppliers. A vision of governance that is fundamentally different from traditional ways of thinking that only consider supply and demand must cover the entire production chain.

IT Strategy & Governance

Helping you formulate a visionary and adaptable IT strategy with a clear target picture that provides guidance to all departments and roles within the IT organization for the delivery of maximum, sustainable value. IT governance ensures that IT supports your business strategy and goals consisting of leadership, organizational structures, and processes.

Our Impact

Our Sourcing Advisory services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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