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Banks must embrace digital transformation to become high-performing organizations by continuously experimenting and adapting.

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Constant Change is the New Normal

Recent years have shown that for banks, constant change is the new normal. Digitalisation, new customer needs, but also a more volatile global economy require continuous adaptation. At the same time, new technologies are already on the horizon that have the potential to revolutionise the entire banking industry in its basic structures. 

Under such conditions, every bank must find a balance between existing strengths and new forms of banking. This requires its own digital agenda and adaptable strategies. Additional rules apply to captive banking. Multinational corporations are becoming increasingly popular as financing partners. Working with a captive bank requires a deep understanding of a corporation’s industry, as this ensures the bank can provide customized financial solutions that align with the organization’s strategic goals and growth plans. 
Eraneos helps banks and captive banks to realign and grow. If you want remain or become successful, you have to make change permanent. As an implementation-oriented consultancy, we help you with the challenge of adapting structures, processes and systems in an efficient and quality-enhancing way. Based on many years of experience, we support our clients – from the alignment of their organisation to the optimisation and automation of their processes, including the implementation of even complex regulatory requirements. 

Digital transformation for the banking industry

We support and advise financial institutions in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Strategy, Growth & Sales

Good advice leads quickly to tangible results. We have made this maxim our own. As early as the formulation of strategic goals starts, we think about their implementation – be it the right levers to raise growth potential or the prerequisites for optimising the sales functions. We take a holistic approach and ensure that strategy becomes reality − end-to-end.

Organizational Excellence

If you want to be and remain successful, you have to perpetuate change. As an implementation-oriented consultancy, we support with the challenge of adapting structures and processes in an efficient and quality-enhancing way. Based on many years of experience, we support our clients – from the alignment of their organisation to the documentation, optimization and also automation of their processes.

Regulatory & Compliance

The implementation of the requirements of legislators and supervisory authorities is a major challenge for the transformation of banks. Against the background of technical uncertainties and fixed implementation deadlines, risk-minimising and cost-sensitive approaches are in demand. Third-party services in particular are increasingly subject to audits, which leads to high adjustment pressure in outsourcing management. Take advantage of our expertise in the implementation of regulatory requirements with simultaneous process optimisation.

IT Strategy & Change

A good IT strategy successfully promotes digital change or optimization and is the central key to innovation, growth, efficiency and consistent customer value. Our consulting services in this area bring together all relevant aspects with a proven strong delivery & change capability. In doing so, we support our clients in both strategic orientation and IT implementation.

System Implementation & Migration

The introduction or migration of new systems is a complex in-house challenge. Our consulting services take equal account of the functional, technical, legal and organisational aspects of project implementation. No migration project is exactly like the other, but the challenges and needs are often similar – and we know them well from numerous migration projects. The achievement of objectives is always in the foreground.

Let’s create sustainable change together.

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