Risk & Agile in 2 minutes poster

Risk & Agile in 2 minutes poster

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A growth model in governance, risk and compliance for Agile and DevOps

Do you have the feeling that the Agile way of working (including DevOps) and your Risk Management way of working are not fully at the same page? Do you feel that your organization is not fully in control after the introduction of Agile and DevOps? Do you experience that you were not able to fully reap the efficiency and effectiveness gains promised when introducing Agile? You are not the only one! Regulators like DNB and ECB have already demanded several of our clients to seek better alignment between the 2 ways of working, to be better in control. Together with our practice Organizational Excellence and Transformation we have helped our clients successfully with the implementation of our Quality by Design methodology®, combining all 1st and 2nd line requirements at the right time in the Agile way of working. Quality by Design helps Agile and DevOps teams to take their risk ownership and at the same time provides the Risk and Compliance departments the necessary means to be in control.  

Our ‘Agile Risk and Compliance governance: A growth model’ poster illustrates in 2 minutes how Governance, Risk & Compliance can be properly embedded in Agile and DevOps organizations. This model takes into account both the Agile and the Risk Management maturity level within an organization and helps you to determine an implementation level that fits your organization.  Quality by Design is one example of Eraneos’ Governance, Risk, and Compliance, or GRC, offerings. GRC empowers organizations with the tools for informed decisions, proactive risk management, and sustainable growth. 

We at Eraneos believe in leaving a lasting impact for our clients, also by ensuring proper Risk Management in all of our activities, for example when we help you with Sourcing (third party risk management), Agile and DevOps (as described above), Data Management (e.g. the Perdarr principles), AI implementations and (Cyber) security. By combining our Industry knowledge (Finance, Healthcare, Government, Industry and services) with the knowledge in the various practices, we are able to help you to design and implement pragmatic approaches and technical solutions to stay demonstrable in control of your activities.   

Our Agile Risk and Compliance: A growth model poster is a practical way to reinforce key governance, risk, and compliance principles between 1st and 2nd line, serving as a daily reminder for shared understanding, proactive decision-making, and fostering resilience within the organization.  

Download it here or contact our specialists to learn more about embedding Risk Management and Compliance in your Agile and DevOps way of working. 

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Senior Manager

Financial Services

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Andrea Krush
By Andrea Krush
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26 Jan 2024
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Risk & Agile in 2 minutes poster

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