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The Future of Retail makes it possible for businesses to create services that are personalized, digitized, networked and automated.

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Under Pressure

Changing customer needs, new sales channels and technological innovations characterize an environment shaped by tight margins and intense competition. This creates both opportunities and risks for companies in the retail and consumer goods industries.

Addressing dynamic requirements

Eraneos supports its customers in designing solutions that address the dynamic requirements of customers and markets. Effective analysis and management of data across the entire value chain and sales channels are key for future success.

The future of the retail and consumer goods industries lies in providing their customers with the best customer experience.

Finding new value

The future of the retail and consumer goods industries lies in providing their customers with the best customer experience. At Eraneos, we support our customers with our retail e-commerce experts, empowering them with the know-how and passion to successfully transform and embrace the digital future.

New technologies such as low-code platforms, headless architectures, cloud solutions, blockchain and virtual reality are driving innovative retail and consumer goods companies forward, resulting in new business models, services and products.

For retail, FMCG and e-commerce companies engaging with new trends like the digital information value chain, ERP & platform strategies, industry networks, and autonomous stores, Eraneos is your partner. We digitalize your organization and enable enhanced customer experiences.

Digital transformation within the retail & consumer goods sector

We support and advise retail & consumer goods companies in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Omnichannel Strategy

Customers today expect seamless journeys with blended online and offline experiences no matter where they are. Inspiration, search and ultimately conversion need to be enabled in the store physically and digitally. Ultimately, companies need to focus on guiding the customer to their desired outcome, no matter if shopping in store or online.

Digital Information Value Chain

Would you like to bridge your internal and external data silos to gain competitive advantage and create seamless customer experiences? Then you cannot avoid the topic of the digital information value chain. It not only offers new opportunities for customer loyalty, but also enables efficient industrial networks. In addition, digital twins can help retailers save time and money by providing a virtual replica of a product or process such as a physical supply chain.

Customer Insights & Retail Analytics

Customer insights allow analyses in the areas of sales trends, shopping cart abandonment, and sales by product and channel. Thanks to retail analytics, companies can receive analyses of their stock levels, real-time movements in the supply chain, and seasonal trends, which support you in procurement and sales in store or in your e-commerce web platform. With Retail Analytics, you put the customer at the center. You get a sound basis for data-driven decisions. Alongside this, AI can be used in design, order picking, dynamic price optimization and product suggestions. AI supports the recognition of patterns, forecasts, language processing and much more.

Future of Retail

The use of future technologies in the retail and e-commerce sectors, also known as Future of Retail Technology, makes it possible to create services that are personalized, digitalized, networked and automated. This includes autonomous stores – the automation of the sales floor that does away with the usual check-out and makes cash registers superfluous. New retail models, including live commerce, offer a digital platform with enormous possibilities for retailers and wholesalers, well-known brands as well as companies, with the desire to enter as well as sell.

Digital Platforms & Commerce Architecture

If you are a company in the retail and e-commerce sector and have decided to digitalize your business, you need experts who are familiar with Digital Platforms & Commerce Architecture. Our Eranso experts support you in setting up the processes demanded of future systems and emerging technology landscapes.

ERP Backbone & IT Infrastructure

Revamping the backbone of retail and consumer goods companies through the transformation of ERP and SAP tools, enhanced IT infrastructure, and EDI order management.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the Retail space.

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