Certification CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder is the leading sustainability tool in the Netherlands, helping companies and governments to reduce CO2 emissions.

As an advocate of sustainable business, we are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions. That is why Eraneos is certified for the CO2 Performance Ladder, the leading sustainability tool in the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO2 emissions. These efforts are applied to operations, projects and the entire chain.

Measuring our CO2 emissions

The CO2 Performance Ladder is not only a measurement tool but also a guide for continuous improvement. Eraneos is certified for level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. For the coming years, we have set targets and initiatives to make our company even more sustainable. These are included in our Energy Management Plan.

Energy Management Plan

As a baseline year to reduce CO2 emissions, we are looking at 2022. Eraneos’ CO2 emissions totaled 832.78 tons of CO2 by 223.87 FTE employees. This amounts to 16.65 tons of CO2 per million euros of sales emitted.
Eraneos has set a goal of halving CO2 emissions by 2026. By 2024 we want to have reduced by at least 15% compared to the previous year.
To achieve this, we have formulated various reduction targets, focusing on various aspects of the organization, including the vehicle fleet, gas & electricity and employee awareness:


  • Every new leased car must be electric, so we have an all-electric fleet by 2028.
  • We encourage and support more bus, tram and train travel.
  • Diesel cars will be phased out from July 2024.
  • We encourage as much green charging of electric vehicles as possible.

Gas and electricity

  • All our sites to be carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Use of motion and/or presence detectors to reduce electricity consumption.

Employee awareness

  • Improved business mileage registration for private cars and air travel.
  • Conscious choice of more sustainable alternatives.

Semi-annualy CO2 updates

Every six months, we provide an update on our progress towards reaching our goals. You can find the latest updates below.

Update CO2 performance ladder July 2024

Want to learn more about our sustainability initiatives? Get in touch with us at info.nl@eraneos.com or with your Eraneos contact.