Corporate Responsibility

We believe that giving back to the community is vitally important – both locally and globally. Here are some examples of the initiatives we support.


Together with the UWV (the Dutch provider of employee insurance schemes), we offer free IT training in the Netherlands to help the unemployed and refugees to change their career and find new employment.

Visit the Dutch UWV site


Together with ITVitae, Eraneos has developed data science and data engineering programs for ICT specialists with high-functioning autism. This training program has grown both in value and amount of successful graduates that are interested in becoming data engineers and scientists. So far, 95% of the trained specialists have found data science jobs.

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Digital accelerator

We share knowledge and encourage others to develop. Our initiatives range from Lab Weeks where interested people can meet and develop a specific theme, to our Digital Accelerator. In the Digital Accelerator, students from different backgrounds come together to find daring and innovative solutions for a strategic challenge of one of our customers in a short space of time. Students learn more about themselves, develop themselves and can make an impact on an organization.

CO2 Performance Ladder

Sustainability is an important issue in today’s society. Within Eraneos we aim to be carbon neutral where possible and try to minimize our carbon footprint. To reduce our CO2 emissions in our operations, projects and chain, we use the CO2 Performance Ladder in the Netherlands.

Read more about the CO2 Performance Ladder


We are convinced that great diversity is enormously important and will make us even more successful in the future. For us, the focus is on people with their personalities and abilities – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, worldview or any other dimension of diversity. That’s why we have several diversity initiatives across several of our companies, from diversity certification programs to special female empowerment programs.