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Creating Higher Value for the Patient

In the life sciences industry, the focus is increasingly shifting from pharmaceuticals or medical devices towards the patient and patient services. The development and implementation of customer-specific concepts and solutions along the life sciences value chain are key. At Eraneos, together with our life sciences customers, we implement and leverage digital technologies and transformation journeys so businesses can focus on having a greater impact on patients’ lives.

Eraneos Life Sciences propositions

Accelerated drug development and market access

Research and development (R&D) in the life sciences industry is facing some fundamental challenges. The creation of new drugs is taking more and more time and money.
New trends and paradigms are evolving to address these challenges, with digitalization being one of the most important. Taking advantage of digital technologies will provide opportunities to accelerate drug development while decreasing costs and time-to-market. It will also enable greater levels of patient-centricity and provide new therapeutic insights into pharmaceuticals by analyzing clinical data.

Integration and transparency are key

The digital integration of partners and customers along the supply chain, as well as the availability of real-time data to align demands with market supply, promises to mitigate some of the bottlenecks preventing life sciences companies from achieving their full potential. In addition, a timely response to changes in the market like supply shortages of raw materials is crucial.
Based on our expertise and industry best practices, we can provide the right technological and industry expertise to develop an agile and transparent end-to-end supply chain strategy. With the help of supply chain analytics, we enable our life science customers to react more quickly to events impacting their supply chain, thus allowing them to steer their business more proactively.

New trends and paradigms are evolving to address these challenges, with digitalization being one of the most important.

Eraneos is now a Veeva Development Cloud Partner

As Veeva Development Cloud Partner, we are well-equipped to empower Life Sciences companies with cutting-edge solutions for clinical, regulatory, and quality processes.

Digital transformation in life sciences

We support and advise companies in the life sciences industry with developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Computer System Validation

Life science is highly regulated. Meanwhile, IT must ensure that they adhere to regulatory requirements from the authority side, such as the FDA. We can support you with our expertise regarding computer system validation of your GxP-relevant systems. With our expertise, we can also support you with reviewing your CSV framework to evaluate gaps, but also to unleash the potential for efficiencies. In times of more digital and agile organizations, the classical CSV approach has reached its limits. We support our life science customers towards an agile CSV approach.

IT Due Diligence and IT Post-merger Integration

Mergers and acquisitions are on the daily agenda of a life science company. IT integration projects or IT Carve Outs are usually expected to present high levels of complexity. If this complexity is not appropriately managed from an early stage, synergies will not be realized. With our industry expertise and our proven best practice framework, we support our life science customers within the IT due diligence phase and post-merger integration.

IT as a Business Innovation Enabler

In times of digital transformation, IT becomes of more and more importance, resulting in new challenges for a CIO. To truly be acknowledged as a valuable partner for the business, the CIO has to step into the shoes of the business and demonstrate how innovation and new technologies can increase process efficiency along the life science value chain. The digitalization of patient services and business models is essential, as is considering the regulatory requirements impacting IT. We support our life science customers with our industry expertise in defining the right IT strategy and the right IT operation model that allows them to focus on digital business innovation topics.

Patient Services

Shift the focus to the patient as your customer. Together we uncover what the patient journey looks like and its touchpoints. We design experiences tailored to patient needs to enhance the patient experience, identify what is needed and discover the role your company can play in that journey. All our solutions are unique.

Medical Affairs and Commercial Support

What do patients talk about? Who are the key opinion makers within new therapeutic areas or new markets and what are their topics of interest? Answers to these questions must be accessible – and interpreted in the right way. We are here when you are ready to become a more data-informed company.

State-of-the-Art Quality Management

With our expertise, we can support businesses in defining the right quality management processes fit for purpose and in accordance with regulatory requirements (GMP). Furthermore, we can support you in the evaluation and implementation of the right digital solution.

Supply Chain Excellence

Enabling transparency along the value chain is key to taking fast decisions and increasing supply chain excellence. This will not only reduce costs but deliver clear competitive advantage. We will conduct a supply chain maturity assessment through which we support life sciences companies in identifying gaps and the best starting point to drive the digital transformation journey within their supply chain.

Digitize R&D Processes to the Next Level

New IT solutions are emerging where a strong, vendor-agnostic partner is required to take the right decision between various on-premise and cloud solutions. It is critical at the same time to keep track of new trends and regulations, like Decentralized Trials, Patient Centricity, IDMP/UDI, eTMF or eCTD 4.0. This expert knowledge, combined with a robust Master Data Management roadmap, will be a cornerstone to enable future success.

Digital Strategy

We support our life science companies in developing their overall digital strategy, as well as their respective functional digital strategies around, for example, smart factories. These strategies are based on our proven best practice approach. We support businesses in defining the right initiatives and priorities for a successful digital transformation journey.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the life sciences space.

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