Our government is being challenged digitally. To meet this challenge, administrators face increasingly complex demands.

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Increasing Digitization

The society of today, partly prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is more information-driven and digital than ever. With this increasing degree of digitization, the amount of data available about citizens, companies, services, and processes is growing – almost exponentially. This requires closer policy attention and more accurate decision-making regarding the following themes: digital inclusion, personal and simple (digital) services that take into account the human dimension, security of digital infrastructure, and the use of data and privacy for the formulation of a reliable, digital government employers.

By cleverly combining the right data, tailor-made information can be generated that helps governments work more effectively – whether in a proactive or reactive manner. Government parties often mention this in their strategic plans. They want to be able to act better with the help of more and better quality information derived from high-quality data – and they are taking action, with varying degrees of success, to do so. At the same time, concerns about privacy, security, and the accuracy of the information on which this action is based are increasing..

Customization, flexibility, and political-administrative clout demand a clear directing role for the government.

Defining a Clear Role

The rapid evolution in the laws, compliance regulations, customer wishes, and quality demands regarding the implementation and the provision of services in which the human dimension is central, is putting governments to the test. Customization, flexibility, and political-administrative clout demand a clear directing role for the government. 

Continuous work on the implementation itself is, therefore, essential to maintain the balance between quality, flexibility and agility. This is not only in terms of digitization but also with regard to culture and behavior. More than ever, the government is faced with the challenge of being able to continue doing the right things and to do so on the basis of the right information. Eraneos is the government partner that can help meet these challenges. 

For that reason, Eraneos focuses on information-based government and work(s) related to (digital) implementation – all while safeguarding the human dimension. 

Government services and digital transformation

We support and advise governmental public services organizations in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

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Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the Governmental services space.

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