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Generative AI – The next big thing

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that creates content. It writes texts, draws paintings, composes music, or codes software, without human intervention. So well, that this content is indistinguishable from what humans create. These capabilities make Generative AI the next big thing in our daily lives. Just like computers, the internet and smartphones, Generative AI will change the world and revolutionize work in many industries. We help you become part of this revolution and leverage the potential of Generative AI. 

Where Generative AI is making its impact

Market research company Fortune Business Insights estimates that the market for Generative AI and its applications will grow to more than $650 billion by 20301.

GenAI will affect nearly all industries. However, there are areas likely to benefit stronger than others:  

  • Customer Service

    Chatbots based on Generative AI and call centers with GenAI agents can answer even complex customer inquiries comprehensively. If queries still are to be answered by humans, these can work faster and more accurately thanks to Generative AI.

    Customer Service
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  • Your organization’s internal processes

    Automating administrative tasks in areas such as HR, finance and legal increases process efficiency and reduces costs. Decisions can be made more effectively and efficiently.

    Your organization's internal processes
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  • Marketing and sales

    Generative AI can create personalized messages tailored to individual customer interests. Agencies can use Generative AI to significantly reduce the time spent designing and creating content.

    Marketing and sales
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  • Software development

    Generative AI “speaks” not only human languages but also computer languages. This creates gigantic opportunities for software engineering: the AI model receives its instructions in human language, generates the desired code, and supports testing and documentation of the code.

    Software development
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  • Research & Development

    Product developers can use Generative AI to create outlines and designs and optimize manufacturing. Generative AI also brings advances in medicine; for example, it can help diagnose cancer.

    Research & Development
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Our Impact

Our global portfolio of Generative AI projects covers multiple industries. We have a strong focus on the customer service sector.


Voice of Customer Excellence
Deriving insights regarding customer pain points and WOW-moments from millions of customer interactions.

Renewable Energies

Compliant PDF Chatbot
Development and deployment of a compliant ChatPDF Chatbot on Microsoft Azure​.

Commercial Vehicle OEM

Technical Assistant
Leading the company-wide GenAI initiative and developing an LLM-powered technical assistant to boost customer service​.

Swiss Government

Know-How Retrieval ChatBot​
Providing efficient access to information to the public with help of a LLM-based chatbot​.


Customer Chat- and VoiceBot​
A multi AI-agent VoiceBot solution to raise the customer experience to the next level.​


GenAI in Customer Service
Supporting B2B customer service agents with a state-of-the-art LLM-based solutions.

How Generative AI works

Foundation Models form the basic framework for many Generative AI applications. These models are trained on a broad database and can be used for varying tasks – often with only minimal fine-tuning. The term Foundation Models was first popularized by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. These models use self-supervised learning and transfer learning to apply their learning to new situations. Large Language Models (LLMs) are Foundation Models specialized to understand and generate natural language. GPT-3.5/4 from OpenAI and the chat model ChatGPT based on it or PaLM 2 from Google, the basis of Google Bard are examples of such LLMs.

Unlike conventional AI models, in many cases LLMs do not need to be trained from scratch if you want to use them for your own purposes. Instead, these models are fine-tuned to optimize understanding and responses to specific prompts. Another approach is to use so-called embeddings. These are vector representations of data that allow the existing model to be adapted to specific requirements. As an example, this technique can be used to quickly implement a customized chatbot for different application areas.

The adaptation of the LLM follows a simple concept:

Our expertise and what we offer

We support you in leveraging the enormous potential of Generative AI for your business. We help you plan and implement the use of this technology systematically and efficiently. Generative AI can do a lot, but it’s not a panacea – that’s why our experts and developers make sure you catch all the important turns on your way to becoming a GenAI-driven company:

  • Together with you, we analyze your specific requirements and find the most suitable solution.
  • We plan the deployment of Generative AI from A to Z: together with you, we define realistic, measurable goals and meaningful KPIs.
  • Generative AI must be worth it: We find the optimal combination of standard solutions with cloud-based services for you. You get powerful and scalable services at an affordable cost.
  • We steer you through the data maze: AI is only as good as the data it is fed with. We help you create high-quality data sets and always keep them up to date.
  • Without human know-how, things don’t work: Our experts are there for you and help you build up the necessary expertise in your company.
  • Act responsibly: The use of generative artificial intelligence involves pitfalls. Fairness, transparency, trustworthiness, data protection and cybersecurity are just a few of them. Our experts will help you navigate these obstacles safely.

We support with strategic consultation, drive the implementation of Generative AI use cases and enable the organization.

A new era in Customer Service powered by GenAI

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