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Strategic Sourcing you can Trust

Strategic sourcing is a crucial factor in the development of your business model, organization and IT landscape. The right mix of partnerships and suppliers determine your efficiency, innovative strength and even the attractiveness and competitiveness of your company. Eraneos is the partner to guide you through all stages of the complex sourcing process.

Sourcing at the heart of your strategy

With the rapid changes in the technology area, it is essential to continuously adapt your organization and IT landscape and make it future-proof. The challenge is choosing the right focus and defining which tasks should be done by your own organization, but also which ones should be outsourced to be able to lead or keep up with market developments.

Eraneos supports clients to choose the optimal models for (hybrid) cloud solutions and partnerships whether they are offshore, nearshore or onshore. By sourcing intelligently, you can realize a successful digital transformation, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and accelerate innovation. At the same time, it is also important to look at your needs for continuity, compliancy and (cyber) risk management. Our holistic approach ensures a sustainable sourcing process.

Accelerate IT transformation with sourcing

The IT infrastructure and services are the backbone that supports your entire organization. Our expertise in IT sourcing will help you design and implement well-founded sourcing guidelines and an IT landscape that integrates both current market standards and future-proof innovation opportunities.

Whether you want to move applications or computing power to the cloud, use the most suitable AI platform, outsource development capacity, or insource a distinctive process, a proper sourcing approach will contribute to the success of your digital transformation. The right sourcing mix enables you to maximize both your own capacities and the opportunities the market has to offer.

Supporting our customers

With the support of our experts, you can identify the greatest possible benefit for your company by means of strategic sourcing. With over 25 years of experience in this field, Eraneos can provide you with the best practices, templates, tools, consulting, and models for every phase of a sourcing project.

At Eraneos, we focus on business growth, reducing complexity and cost, and accelerating digital transformation by providing sourcing advisory services you can trust.

Digital transformation with our Sourcing Advisory services

We have several value propositions within our Sourcing Advisory services.

Sourcing Strategy

A well-thought-out sourcing strategy is an important part of the value chain in your company. It should lie at the heart of your “make, buy or ally analysis”. We look at your organization and IT landscape from an analytical perspective. Our team of experts conducts research, workshops and specialist interviews. We analyse your drivers, performance indicators and evaluate cost, compliance regulations and risks. Our goal is to find a strategy that optimizes investments and benefits and deliver concrete results to successfully implement the sourcing strategy.

Procurement services

At Eraneos Group, we understand that a modern procurement strategy should empower digital transformation and sustainability in equal measure. We help you with analysis and turn it into action for you, support you in managing the procurement optimizations or implementations you identify. And help you incorporate compliance and sustainability into your agenda.

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Tendering, selection and contracting

Selecting the right partner can be a complex and time-consuming process. Eraneos is specialized and has more than 25 years’ experience in this area. We act as an independent consulting team exclusively on behalf of our customers, without any obligations to providers. We combine our market knowledge with the situation at our clients to ensure that your tender attracts the best possible service providers and deliver the contractual guidelines you need. We assist our customers, whether they are using public funding, seeking a restricted tender, or considering a negotiated award.

Transition & Transformation Management

Switching to a new (IT) provider, implementing new services or technology, or making changes to existing ones can pose complex challenge. We provide professional transition and transformation management to ensure that your project goes according to plan and in accordance with the contractual agreements. These projects require more than regular project management skills. With Eraneos you benefit from great stakeholder management, effective communication across all levels, excellent technical IT understanding, and practical experience in IT outsourcing projects.

Supplier Management

The right supply management supports in optimizing synergies, cost reduction, risk management and the performance of your IT services. Eraneos guides you in setting or managing a clear supplier management approach. Our goal is to reduce the complexity while maintaining the flexibility and efficiency you need. But in the end the right collaboration is the key factor for success. We act as mediators on your behalf but understand the culture of IT suppliers and address discrepancies or escalations if needed.

Sourcing Governance

The collaboration with your suppliers is strengthened by the realization of an effective governance model (collaboration – processes, roles and meetings). If your organization needs help in the setup – or reset – of the new relationship, we support you to establish the necessary and contractually agreed processes and structures to secure a constructive collaboration. This includes the introduction and optimization of roles and responsibilities in the retained organization or the establishment of a new “Supply Management” unit as a central function in your organization.

Our Impact

Our Sourcing Advisory services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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