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A suitable and future proof data platform is an important element of any data strategy. Without a platform including best practices, data governance and operations it will be virtually impossible to turn data into value.

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A Modern Data Platform

Nowadays data plays a dominant role in almost every business and every market. Therefore, having a grip on all data flowing in, through, and out of an organization becomes crucial to running a successful operation. A data landscape isn’t just a collection of files and databases anymore, it is a complex landscape with all kinds of datasets, data collections, and data storage existing in different silos and copies. A modern data platform supports all the different needs of the different data users in the various data domains considering aspects like data availability, data democratization, data quality, data governance, data literacy, data speed, and more.

Data Platform Accelerators

Having a single Data Warehouse or a Data Lake doesn’t cut it anymore. Depending on the size and complexity of an organization, often more than one data domain exists. And, to support an organization or data domain, there is a need for a suitable Data Platform.

In our experience, over 75% of data platform needs and best practices-are generic while the remaining 25% heavily depend on customer specifics like volume, quality, data maturity, and more

For this purpose, we have developed a variety of Data Platform Accelerators which provide fast, high quality ways to get started with a new data platform and/or improve existing ones. Customer specific requirements and characteristics are combined with cloud reference architectures and our extensive experience within the data domain to provide optimal data solutions.

In our experience, over 75% of data platform needs and best practices are generic while the remaining 25% heavily depend on customer specifics like volume, quality, data maturity, and more. By re-using best practices and focusing on the customer specifics we accelerate data platform improvements or delivery down to just 3 months, while ensuring high quality. Using this methodology, we can deliver variety of accelerators.

Our Data Platform Accelerators

We offer several solutions within our Data Platform portfolio

Assess & Address

Our experts assess your existing cloud data platforms, looking at possible improvements on security, privacy, costs, reliability, and more.

BI Hub

A BI platform with a focus on long-term analysis based on harmonized and consolidated data collected over long periods of time.

Analytics Hub

A data platform focusing on advanced analytics, BI and machine learning (MLOps) at any scale to provide actionable insights.

Operations Hub

A data platform focusing on real-time data integration and insights to optimize business automatically using operational intelligence.

Things Hub

A data platform focusing on analysis, simulation and historization of IoT and machine data to provide insights needed to optimize operational use of the devices.

Custom Platform

We also offer custom data platform solutions such as platform design, training, data integration, and modelling challenges.

Our Impact

Our Data Platform solutions have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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