Partnership signed between OBM Dynamics and Eraneos

Partnership signed between OBM Dynamics and Eraneos

Press release

Eraneos (previously Quint) and OBM Dynamics are pleased to announce their partnership in offering Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Foundation Level Trainings.

Eraneos has become a Certified Partner of OBM Dynamics to deliver the OBM Foundation training. Eraneos recognises OBM as a strong and natural extension of our portfolio. Being Thought Leader in digital transformations, we embrace OBM to ensure leaders and teams in organizations understand the importance of behavior in managing change .

Eraneos helps create successful digital transformation

OBM helps leaders and influencers design practical strategies that can be used to change behavior. It provides methods to improve human performance leading to an improvement in business results. The three-day Foundation training is a hands-on course, based on a variety of scientific resources that is actively supported by ADRIBA (the Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavior Analysis, part of VU University in Amsterdam). Examination and Certification of OBM training participants is processed by APMG International, another partner of both OBM Dynamics and Eraneos.
Mireille van Kol (Managing Partner Eraneos Leadership and Development): “Eraneos’ activities in the field of professionalization, learning and change are driven by our mission of supporting clients in their digital transformation into a ‘High Performance Organization’’ (HPO). The success of HPO depends on the ability of employees and leaders to develop new competencies and adopt new behaviors. OBM is an instrument that contributes to this.”

Eraneos uses the science of OBM to improve performance

Eraneos wishes to help its customers to realize successful change. Research has shown that most organizational change fails because leaders and teams do not make the required behavioral change. OBM helps to increase the success of our customers, through a greater understanding of behavior and its real drivers; drivers that have been scientifically proven. Using this knowledge and focusing on behaviors, our customers can ensure that the desired results follow.
Joost Kerkhofs & Robert den Broeder (Founders & Directors, OBM Dynamics B.V.) say, “People love change! As long as they benefit from it themselves! The training and certification draws from a wealth of scientific studies, bringing to life how behavior can impact organizational change. We have trained hundreds of leaders and influencers in the Netherlands. Since 2010 we have collected an impressive number of cases on how OBM has successfully helped public and private organisations to achieve their goals. These cases have shown that behavior is the key to successfully apply best practices, frameworks and management philosophies such as Agile, DevOps, Scrum and Lean. We look forward to working with Eraneos to help extend the use of OBM.”

About OBM Dynamics

OBM Dynamics designs, develops and distributes educational products in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) worldwide through its own network and that of its licensed partners. It also trains and certifies OBM Instructors in association with APMG International.