Cyber Readiness – Ensuring corporate maturity and controllability of Digitalization

Cyber Readiness – Ensuring corporate maturity and controllability of Digitalization

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Cyber Security is a key issue – more than ever. The current threat situation and the accumulation of attacks on authorities, the population and the economy make cyber security a key factor in digitalization. With the Cyber Readiness Study 2022/23 by Eraneos, executives and cyber experts from business, research and public authorities were surveyed on corporate maturity and cyber readiness.

Ensuring entrepreneurial maturity and the controllability of digitization

The study comprises four thematic blocks: The first part deals with the current Cyber readiness of the study participants. The second part is dedicated to cyber resilience and examines the resilience of companies to events in the cyber environment, while the third and fourth parts focus on cyber governance and the challenges on the way to increasing cyber maturity. Data collection was based on a structured questionnaire. In addition, we discussed the addressed topics in depth with selected participants in interviews.

“In order to ensure an appropriate level of information security in their mission, CISOs are challenged more than ever. Despite the increasing complexity of the infrastructures to be secured, despite ever more sophisticated methods of attack, it is essential to support their own business as a solution provider to help it achieve its goals, ensure compliance and strengthen its own security posture.”

Adrian Marti, Partner at Eraneos

To what extent is cyber security considered a critical success factor?

Although the management levels now largely considered cyber security indispensable, there is still some uncertainty as to how to counteract the increasing cyber threats and which investments provide the quickest and most effective results. Specifically, in this year’s study, 78% of those surveyed considered cyber security to be a critical success factor. This corresponds to an increase of 8,43% compared to the survey in 2020. The development and implementation of effective, company-wide cyber readiness continues to be a major challenge for the majority of those surveyed. In many places, an established information security management system is still not anchored in the organization and implemented at all levels.


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Cyber Readiness – Ensuring corporate maturity and controllability of Digitalization

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