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You know you can do more with data — but what? And how? After all, you don’t just want to get a few innovative tools on board. You want to use your data to grow as an organization, cut costs, become more customer-centric and be able to make more informed decisions. Of course, you also want to make sure your organization is always ready for that next step.

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Become a Data-driven Organization

Data has become a buzzword. You hear from all sides that you “must” do something with data — and fast. As a result, many companies go wrong by designing an app or tool, without forethought and unasked. Or they conduct AI experiments while other departments desperately need real data-driven solutions. But how do you get to work systematically and how do you find the most valuable data improvements? That’s to say, how do you make sure you get truly relevant insights from data? How do you use these insights structurally and embed them in your organization to make better decisions faster?

“It’s not always about money or efficiency. Suppose employee turnover at a healthcare facility is so high that the core business — helping patients — is compromised. Data can play a role in the solution. By planning shifts smarter, measuring satisfaction or making better matches between patients and caregivers, you identify HR risks in time and prevent employee turnover.”

Edwin Eichelsheim, Senior Manager at Eraneos

Help from ideation to implementation

When you ask Eraneos for advice about data-driven working, we start by asking what data can do for your business. What do you want to do with data and how will you make that vision concrete? We look at relevant examples from the market. Then we determine what you already have in place and what more is needed. You can’t do the latter overnight. It not only involves technology and data in different places inside and outside the organization, but also people, laws, culture and ethics. After all, data-driven working means decision-making is fully automated or supported by algorithms, instead of being based on intuition or limited information. Eraneos provides help at every stage, from generating ideas and building support to making decisions and implementing data-driven working.

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Edwin Eichelsheim

Edwin Eichelsheim

Senior Manager – Digital Business & Innovation

Digital Business & Innovation | Data & AI

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