Study on the public transport data hub


Study on the public transport data hub

A sound basis for launching the implementation of a new data hub for PostBus
Through structured and well-managed workshops, a study of a high standard was developed with recommendations for the future data hub.

The Challenge

A transport company’s data hub is a centerpiece of passenger information. It ensures passengers are up to date and are informed about their journey, including relevant information of other transport companies (and vice versa). Thus, the data hub needs to be universal and act as an interface to other transportation networks.
PostBus’ data hub was based on old software and showed technical and operational limitations. As such, an informed decision about how to proceed became necessary.

From the beginning, the two consultants understood the problems and challenges of PostBus. The highly structured and well-managed workshops led by Eraneos helped to develop the study to a high standard and to complete it in a short period of time.

The approach

The study started with an analysis of the situation and the gathering of requirements in workshops with the core project team. Subsequently, a target image was defined based on the functional scope of data hubs on the market. In the subsequent variant analysis phase, possible variants were identified, assessed and evaluated. In the final phase, the results were processed and coordinated with various stakeholders.

As a public transport company in Switzerland and a subsidiary of the Swiss Post, PostBus operates an ex-tensive network of bus routes covering both urban and rural areas across the country. With modern buses, high punctuality and environmentally friendly technologies, PostBus plays an important role in the country’s public transport system. In addition to reg-ular bus services, PostBus also offers special services such as school trips and charter buses to provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience and promote mobility in Switzerland.

The Result

Eraneos delivered a detailed results report and management presentation that summarized the findings. This provided a sound basis for launching the implementation project.

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