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Banks must embrace digital transformation to become high-performing organizations by continuously experimenting and adapting.

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A High-Velocity Environment

Relentless technological change and ever-evolving regulatory requirements mean banks now operate in a high-velocity, always-on environment. The global pandemic intensified disruption, making banks search for ways to build resilience, identify opportunities, and manage risk.

Tightening regulations

Costs and complexity are increasing due to stricter regulations hampering investments in areas that matter for growth. Developing future-proof business models that are embedded in customers’ lives with distinctive and personalized experiences will be key, as will having a sustainable economic model that is less capital-intensive and more focused on growth.
This increased complexity makes cost-cutting measures through solutions like automation, process optimization, RPA, and others, more important than ever. Alongside this, IT is still struggling at large banks with legacy decommissioning, moving to the cloud and building an actual partnership with their strategic IT vendors. These vendors themselves have difficulties in retaining talent, increasing risks around maintaining expected service levels and required output.

Talent is the heart of the future-ready bank where strong workforces and talent acquisition have major impacts on performance.

Talent & ESG are high priorities for banks

Attracting talent and people retention are high priorities for banks. Talent is the heart of the future-ready bank where strong workforces and talent acquisition have major impacts on performance. 
In addition, ESG is a key driver for a long-term successful future. On top of imminent regulation, firms face reputational and financial risk if they fall behind on ESG performance. Sustainable finance is therefore of the highest priority. Even so, evidence-based decision-making around ESG with solid tracking mechanisms remains difficult.

Digital transformation for the banking industry

We support and advise financial institutions in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Cost Optimization

Optimizing your costs and improving efficiency by helping you make strategic decisions on sourcing your business processes, IT organizations and procurement organizations, including BPO, ITO, Sourcing, and Procurement.

Operational Improvement

Transform organizations by changing how work actually gets done. Ensuring you perform to the best of your ability through enterprise agile transformation, new target operating models, automation, process redesign, LEAN, SAFe and new leadership.

Product-Centric Organizations

Switching from a project-oriented way of working to a product-centric organization can help financial services firms meet custumer needs, improving innovation and agility while promoting better use of resources. Eraneos can help you get to the next level: transform into a product-centric organization.

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Reimagine and Enable Exceptional Experiences

The experience you deliver and how it makes people feel are crucial. Unfortunately, most banks fall short in this area, leading to a loss of customers and business. We help you discover unmet needs and intentions to craft an enjoyable and exciting interaction.

Virtual Assets as a Business Building Block

Web 3.0, Blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies are here to stay. Banks need to engage to realize the potential of each. Through our understanding of the Virtual Assets landscape, we support you from the first ideas to implementation.

Risks Management & Regulatory Compliance

Banks need a modern compliance operating model with transparency, effectively managed risks and appropriate controls. We help you implement new technologies, and realign or streamline compliance processes to allow human professionals to better focus on relevant risks.

Sustainable Finance

On top of imminent regulation, firms face reputational and financial risk if they fall behind on ESG performance. Our integrated approach helps you define a vision, maximize ROI and get things done through evidence-based decision-making with solid tracking mechanisms.

Maximising the Value of Data Assets and Ecosystems

Today, value is created more in ecosystems than in a singular product or service. As a bank, you can capture this opportunity with the right strategy, building partnerships & ecosystems, while investing in the right technology

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the banking industry.

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