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Insurance providers must embrace digital transformation to navigate an uncertain future and outpace digital-native competitors.

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Preparing for an Uncertain Future

Preparing for a future that seems ever more uncertain is the mandate for leaders in the insurance industry. How can they innovate amid increasing volatility and turbulence?

The insurance imperative

The imperative for digital transformation in the insurance industry is greater than ever to lower the cost base and delight customers at the same time. In a price-driven industry, rivals are racing to lower premium rates, but often failing to deliver satisfactory service. 
And even though insurers have made enormous progress in terms of transparency of services and products, internally they are often still organized traditionally with product-led KPIs. The question for many insurers is how to reorganize the company to embrace a new target operating model, realign work to deliver value across silos, and redesign the technology platform to lower annual costs by more than 30% across claims, operations & IT. All this while also delivering a superior customer experience.  

Our insurance consultants help every type of insurer – property and casualty, life, health, reinsurers, and more – become more nimble and adapt to changing insurance markets. 

Knowledgable and nimble

As your partner of choice for digital transformation, Eraneos can help you realize this ambition as we reside in the sweet spot between strategy consulting and IT consulting and, therefore, understand both. We get transformation done using our industry knowledge and technology expertise. And we will bring a dare-to-challenge mindset, so we can truly be a trusted partner for our clients at all levels while being pragmatic consensus builders, ownership takers and proactive.  
We can help you reimagine how your company can win. We help insurance companies harness new digital capabilities, improve customer loyalty, and turn data into a competitive advantage. Our insurance consultants help every type of insurer – property and casualty, life, health, reinsurers, and more – become more nimble and adapt to changing insurance markets. 

Digital transformation for the insurance market

We support and advise insurance providers in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Cost Optimization

Optimizing your costs and improving efficiency by helping you make strategic decisions on sourcing your business processes, IT organizations and procurement organizations, including BPO, ITO, Sourcing, and Procurement.

Operational Improvement

Transform organizations by changing how work actually gets done. Ensuring you perform to the best of your ability through enterprise agile transformation, new target operating models, automation, process redesign, LEAN, SAFe and new leadership.

Secure & Modern IT

We help you face today’s IT challenges: automation, data, analytics, process mining, Low Code, Cloud, DORA, etc. And help you keep a handle on cybersecurity risks with zero-trust architectures and security solutions.

Reimagine and Enable Exceptional Experiences

The experience you deliver and how it makes people feel are crucial. Unfortunately, most insurance companies fall short in this area, leading to a loss of customers and business. We help you discover unmet needs and intentions to craft an enjoyable and exciting interaction.

Maximizing the Value of Data Assets and Ecosystems

Today, value is created more often in ecosystems rather than through singular products or services. As an insurance company, you can capture this opportunity with a good strategy, building partnerships & ecosystems, as well as investments in the right technology.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple insurance providers.

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