Audits & Assessments

This change not only brings numerous implications for our everyday lives, but even more so for IT organizations.

Review and evaluation of your IT

Ongoing digitalization is associated with comprehensive social change, which is being intensified and accelerated by the current discussion about the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

This change has enormous implications for our daily life and even more so for IT-organizations. The implications affect current infrastructures and processes as well as people who bear the brunt for putting the digitalization into practice. Compliance officers are more challenged than ever because they must ensure full compliance with legal regulations – completely independent of rapid technological advancement. Let us tackle this complex topic together to operate successfully in the digitalized world.

Testing your IT environment

A continuous and accelerated advancement of IT-technologies accompanies the digitalization. Hardly a day passes without the announcement of a “next big thing”.

This leads to many questions that entail numerous uncertainties and unknowns. How can technological change and the digitalization be reconciled with existing legal regulations? Which business-risks result from the increasing dependence upon technology? Are organizations and processes ready for new technological developments and organizational structures?

Finding the right answers often proves difficult for IT-responsible and IT-auditors. Eraneos combines broad expert-knowledge with audit & assessment methodology and will competently support you in searching for the right answers.

Central challenges of the internal audit in the IT environment

Internal audit faces key challenges in the IT environment:

  • the growing complexity of IT systems,
  • the rapid technological changes,
  • the parallel operation of legacy infrastructures such as mainframes and modern cloud infrastructures.

IR must understand IT systems and processes in order to identify and evaluate risks. Technological developments such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain require IR to be able to competently conduct audits and identify and assess risks, even for emerging technologies. Data analysis is critical to quantify risks. As a “trusted challenger,” IR must ask critical questions and identify risks.

To meet these challenges and ensure effective audit competency, there needs to be a good network for sharing experiences and the availability of appropriate qualified resources to understand the technical and functional requirements of the IT environment and to perform audits competently. The IA must be able to adapt quickly to changes and adjust its audit strategies and methods accordingly. This is where Eraneos AG can support with audit expertise in tech-driven audits & assessments as well as broad practical experience with a wide range of IT technologies and agile methodologies with over 1000 consultants.

Get in touch with IT Resilience

IT resilience – the ability to continue working in the event of a partial failure.

Our methods and products

  • Emergency Services

    There is an always-on expectation for critical IT services. Nevertheless, failures can happen at any time, as no technology works smoothly all the time or from the beginning. Failures require a sound root cause analysis to identify the root causes and act quickly.

    Emergency Services
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  • IT-Revision

    Digitalisation presents internal auditing with new tasks. Which topics are critical to success, which expertise must be available in-house and how can the board of directors be competently supported in the performance of its duties?

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  • Digital Check (IT Infrastruktur Check)

    Digital readiness describes the ability of an organization to help shape digital change and digital transformation by developing digital innovations and disruptive digital business models.

    Digital Check (IT Infrastruktur Check)
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  • IT Compliance Framework

    Legal requirements and technical reality often diverge widely. How can you still meet today’s IT compliance requirements? The current Swiss data protection law dates back to 1993 and will be finally revised.

    IT Compliance Framework
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  • Digitale Projekte

    Projects are at the heart of digital transformation. Given the investments made by organisations in the introduction of new applications and cloudification, there is rightly a high expectation of corresponding projects and their delivery results.

    Digitale Projekte
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  • 3rd Party Supplier

    In digital companies, cooperation with external service providers plays a central role, as they are able to provide crucial technologies, resources or expertise in a timely manner.

    3rd Party Supplier
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  • Due Diligence / Merger & Acquisition / Startup Integration

    The upheavals in IT are driven by the large market providers. However, the majority of innovation is generated by small innovative companies and service providers.

    Due Diligence / Merger & Acquisition / Startup Integration
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  • Digitalisierungsstrategie für Internal Audit Abteilungen

    Internal audits are exposed to increasing pressure to be efficient and have to fulfil their task with fewer and fewer resources. This development requires a rethink and new strategies.

    Digitalisierungsstrategie für Internal Audit Abteilungen
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  • Entscheidungsalgorithmen – Governance, Rahmenbedingungen, Bias-Identifikation, Prüfung

    Artificial intelligence (AI) can significantly improve process efficiency and quality in companies. Decision support with the help of artificial intelligence is the most important driver of the second wave of digitalisation.

    Entscheidungsalgorithmen – Governance, Rahmenbedingungen, Bias-Identifikation, Prüfung
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