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To meet today’s challenges, public security organizations have to find solutions in order to increase resilience, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Increased Cooperation

In the field of Public Security, there have been many new challenges recently, such as geopolitical conflicts, cyberattacks, terrorism, and increasing migration. One of the strongest trends is increased networking and cooperation between the relevant organizations, which will only intensify in the future.

Countering new threats

The public sector is defined by value chains that manage increasingly complex and interconnected issues – such as healthcare, immigration, or the justice system. Technology is supporting these value chains in the quest for greater levels of efficiency but they must be implemented strategically to ensure security and defense are prioritized.

The scarcity on the labor market, combined with the need to provide leadership positions and specialist positions, poses further challenges for the government.

Eraneos supports infrastructural expansion and digital realization. In doing so, Eraneos can draw on business expertise in all relevant areas such as defense, the police, judiciary and migration authorities. Together with our broad cybersecurity and digitalization knowledge, Eraneos offers its customers a unique combination of skills and expertise.

Public Security and digital transformation

We support and advise public security organizations in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

End-to-end Value Chain

We understand that the variety of different security questions being asked today require a holistic, integrated and collaborative answer from all organizations. These questions encompass cyber-crime, disinformation, terrorism, hybrid conflicts, and organized crime. We also have a broad understanding of public service providers and know their challenges. We know how to strategically respond to current trends.

Broad Expertise

At Eraneos, we offer business expertise in a range of fields, including law enforcement, migration, justice, situational awareness, resilience, integral safety, crisis-resistant communications, command and control centers, and telecommunication surveillance.

Personal Standing

We create added value through our personal standing in the organizations we work with. We leverage our personal network within security organizations. We have experienced business experts (including former heads of police, ex-policemen, reserve military officers, and more). We create value with an international view on security organizations, but with a focus on the European market.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the Governmental services space.

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