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Implementing forward-looking risk considerations so your cyber security initiatives support your business goals. From strategy to execution.

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Developing resilience

Identifying cyber threats and implementing appropriate cyber security management processes are essential to protecting your business. Aligning your cyber security and strategic business goals can help you achieve sustainable results from strategy to execution. To do this, it is essential businesses take a holistic approach to cyber security and privacy, adapting their strategies depending on their industry.

Modern cyber security management

The rapidly evolving nature of today’s threat landscape means that cyber security policies must be constantly assessed, fine-tuned, and revamped. An approach to cyber security that enables a continuously evolving security posture is the only way for businesses to feel confident that their sensitive tools and resources are safeguarded.

With networks and data now spread all over the world, a modern cyber security management approach should also include international aspects. Privacy standards and data compliance rules vary from market to market, but reputational damage for failing to adhere to them is universal. Understanding and integrating legal requirements covering privacy regulations around the world is key.

Developing resilience

At Eraneos, we prioritize the development of resilience in the event of any incident. Since 100% cyber security cannot be achieved, you need to be prepared to respond and resist cyber attacks. We offer references and mapping to regulatory requirements that enable you to achieve the relevant security certifications.

We offer a range of services allowing you to optimize your security controls and enabling the integration and adoption of a variety of technologies. All of our services are built and tailored to our customer’s needs considering compliance, operational, and privacy requirements. So we can help you meet current threats and new ones.

Our Cyber Security Offering

We offer several value propositions as part of our Cyber Security & Privacy services.

Cybersecurity Communication

Technical measures and processes have become elaborate and more resilient, but people remain the most vulnerable target in an organization. The goal of human-centric security is to help people recognize, prevent, and mitigate human risk. We help our customers achieve their goals through appropriate awareness and readiness training.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence concerns information that an organization uses to understand the threats that have, will, or are currently targeting the organization. This information is used to prioritize security measures, train staff and identify the most likely targets.

Cyber Attack Simulation

Our Cyber Offense team provides technical assessments for individually tailored scenarios. By conducting a so-called Cyberattack Simulation, companies can experience an incident relevant to their most important business risks in a secure environment.

OT Security

At Eraneos, we support our clients in their IT/OT convergence journey, so they can identify = increasing security requirements, as well as address needs and controls concerning the security of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Cloud Security

Our cloud security specialists deal with the security of data, applications, and services in the cloud and its associated infrastructure. Tailored to our customers, they develop solutions so that they can enjoy the benefits of the cloud in the wake of digitalization.

Privacy & Compliance

In the area of data privacy and compliance, our experts and specialists support organizations, regardless of their industry, in meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Based on our existing frameworks, we develop a customized solution for our customers to comply with the relevant, applicable regulations.

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