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Efficiency, effectiveness, and harmonization are demanded of modern IT architecture. These demands can be met in terms of business capabilities, data, governance, and more.

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Maximizing Business Value and Helping our Customer to Grow

Effective technology consulting requires concrete implementation experience. At Eraneos, we combine both worlds by bridging the gap between strategy, design and implementation for the provision of end-to-end solutions. Starting with a digital strategy and a technical solution, we are capable of implementing such solutions effectively and efficiently with and for you. Our customer sees us not only as a trusted advisor but also as a one-stop shop for digital solutions and products.

Our people and our core values: driving our success

Our people are doers and energized by technology and innovation. We want to make change happen and are only satisfied once we exceed the expectations of our customers. We see and identify the potential of our customers to enable their business growth. Our track record proves that we can successfully support companies to make their mission and vision a reality.

With our people, we build high-performance teams to implement tailored digital products and solutions that generate measurable value for the business. Our experienced personnel will enable your workforce to perform to its ability so you can achieve your goals and objectives.

Living our values

To provide our customers with the digital advantages they need, our people live the following five core values. Firstly, we provide innovative services and shape the technology environment by leading interesting and challenging projects to success. We make our customers successful by driving digitalization and empowering them with our expertise. We also build personal relationships and trust with our customers, which is our fundament for sustainable success. In addition, we develop our people and customers into leading experts within the market and we invest in R&D to foster our competencies and capabilities and remain competitive,

Our core service, Technology & Platforms, is provided by our highly skilled workforce to optimize and automate our customer’s business and enable digital transformation. We achieve this by offering tailored, integrated and scalable implementation solutions driven by state-of-the-art technology on digital platforms – either on-premises or in the cloud.

Digital transformation with our Technology & Platforms services

We offer several value propositions as part of our Technology & Platform services and solutions.

Our Impact

Our Technology & Platform services and solutions have empowered multiple customers across all industries.

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