Sustainable Innovation Pathways

Sustainable Innovation Pathways

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What to fund and what not

The world is heating up. We are already on course to miss the IPCC target of +1.5 degrees. More must be done – and it will be done through governments, industries and companies, and the funds of investors public and private.

How can these players know what innovations to fund? Or how to report, in a clear and standardized fashion, what progress is already beeing made? How can they know, in a increasingly uncertain world, whether investments are robust and secure?

Investors have to solve three key outstanding issues:

  • Financial models today do not encompass the richness of our potential shared future, and the risks and opportunities it contains.
  • Models are missing to combine holistic views of the future with current financial metrics.
  • The requirement for right-in-time technology innovation as early-stage technology investments run the risk of maturing too late for the urgent impact we all seek.

This is explicitly not a technological assessment report. What we aim to provide is a set of tools, both analytical and strategic. They will support companies, investors, and policy makers to take action, decarbonize, and successfully reach net zero.

“One of the key strengths of the SIP Framework lies in its flexibility and adaptability, therefore remaining applicable to a cast variety of nations and economies.”

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Sustainable Innovation Pathways

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