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Governance and Management by Retained Organizations

As long as IT has existed, so has the problem of insufficient alignment between IT provider and business. The challenge has been one of ‘moving goalposts’. In recent years, major changes have been taking place. On the one hand, business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on IT, and customers… Read More

Leadership within Lean-Agile Enterprise

The move towards more responsive and higher performing IT organizations is well-established, using terms like Lean, Agile and DevOps. These philosophies have proven to be successful in sufficient cases that many businesses are following the lead of the early adopters. Leaders play a somewhat confused role in the… Read More

Platform for Digital Banking

In the financial sector, digital disruption is no longer a buzzword but a paradigm shift. New technologies such as blockchain, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence have impacted core banking operations. Fintechs often have the upper hand in adopting such technology because of their greenfield approach, but larger players… Read More

Seven Key Factors to be Successful with DevOps

This paper aims to help to take the first steps towards DevOps. To do this, we will describe seven key success factors. What are the key success factors for overcoming the issues that exist in the traditional IT environment? Today, every company is also a software company. Every day,… Read More

Practical Tips for Cloud Financial Governance

Over the past 10 years, the cloud has grown from an idea into a significant reality. More and more organizations are using the cloud for increasingly more functionalities. Measurements by Eraneos together with Whitelane Research show that 64% of the 200 respondents predicted that by 2022, more than 30%… Read More

Unboxing SAFe: How to Successfully Implement Scaled Agile

“Disrupt before you’re disrupted,” is a catchphrase heard in every sector. Technological developments are occurring one after another at an increasing pace and they are changing our life as a person, a customer and an employee. In turn, to survive, enterprises have to change their way of working. Disruptors… Read More