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Building resilience, agility and digital transformation capabilities is the only way to ensure your organization thrives in today’s volatile world.

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The digital revolution is forcing every organization to move from inside-out thinking and acting to outside-in thinking and acting. This means moving from selling what is produced to delivering customer value, by embracing new organizational models, and unlearning old habits that no longer help the organization to serve its customers.

Growth in a disruptive environment

Today’s business environment requires businesses to fundamentally change how they think and what they measure. Aligning the mental, business and measurement models across the organization helps to ensure a successful digital transformation. Achieving this transition requires a High Performance Organization (HPO).

An HPO is an organization that is capable of disrupting itself before a competitor or the market does. In practice, this means creating an organization that continuously learns, improves and adapts. An HPO sees a need and, if necessary, changes its entire structure, including management, to meet that need. It has a long-term view with short-term goals.

Customer-focused and team-driven

When you walk into an HPO, you can see and feel the difference. Instead of just going through the motions, people are energized and engaged. They are confident about their company’s purpose and strategy rather than confused and resigned. They know what they are supposed to be doing, and how that relates to the value they are creating for the customer.

It means being customer-focused and team-driven. It means management creates a culture with flat hierarchies and puts a premium on adaptability. And an HPO continuously invests in its workforce. At Eraneos, we believe that every organization can become an HPO, regardless of whether it is for-profit or non-profit.

How we enable organizational transformation

We offer several value propositions as part of our Organizational Excellence & Transformation services.

Enterprise Transformation & Change Management

Companies across all industries can benefit from a transformation approach that combines an inspiring vision for the future with a target operating model prioritizing leadership development and bottom-up experiments. We focus on empowering employees at all levels. Together, we ensure a long-term competitive advantage.

Organizational Resilience & Supply Chain Management

The business environment is becoming increasingly volatile with several disruptive events occurring one after the other or even overlapping. We help our customers with awareness, preparedness, smart responses and fast recovery. If businesses can react effectively to threats impacting the global supply chain, energy supply, they can identify new opportunities to emerge stronger after any shock.

Leadership & Obeya

Digital transformation requires adjusting the way leaders interact with people. Leaders must understand and effectively act within their changing environment. We help leaders to support, promote and enhance trust, employee empowerment and personal development by using visual management (Obeya) and applying the Lean-Agile Management System.

(Lean) Portfolio, Program & Project Management

With our expertise in Project, Program & (Lean) Portfolio Management, we support our customers in the effective and efficient implementation of both agile and traditional projects. We help our customers through coaching, providing templates, toolboxes and frameworks, as well as by developing, evaluating and optimizing entire project and portfolio management systems.

Agile & DevOps Services

Thanks to our broad know-how and experience, we understand what matters when it comes to helping our customers get the most out of agility. This enables us to support our customers in building Agile and DevOps teams, creating excellent and adaptable value streams.


Given the fast-moving worlds of regulatory and customer demands, sustainability impacts many different aspects of your organization, requiring a multi-faceted approach. Our sustainability services are tailored to the individual needs of your business.

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Lean Management & BPM

Understanding customer value and the delivery of that value are crucial to any lean management approach. Building capabilities to identify waste, optimize processes and solve problems are also key. We help our customers to develop and apply these capabilities in order to reach Operational Excellence.

Academy Training

Organizational change can only succeed if people acquire new knowledge, develop new competencies and learn new behaviors. We have a broad portfolio of excellent training programs, enhanced with realistic business simulations that help people to experience the new world.

Our Impact

Our Organizational Excellence & Transformation services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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