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The Perfect Balance between Service and Cost

For many organizations, harnessing the transformative power of Generative AI is no longer an advantage – it’s a necessity. At Eraneos, we can help you redefine how your business interacts with its customers. By integrating our solutions, your Customer Service Center can transcend traditional limitations, offering personalized customer care, speeding up the processing of complaints, and delivering empathetic interactions at scale. We can help your business elevate customer satisfaction levels, drastically reduce wait times, and unlock unprecedented levels of operational efficiency.

Generative AI and the customer experience, seen from the inside

Customers know whether their experience was good or bad; that’s the easy part. Far harder is assessing the processes that deliver that experience – especially when you don’t have an infinite budget to work with. That’s where AI LLMs (Large Language Models) come in.

The size, speed, and breadth of applications emerging from today’s LLMs can impact a number of customer success factors. They’re fast to respond, meaning customers aren’t kept waiting for answers. They make use of a great deal of unstructured data and present it as knowledge. And some can work smoothly across multiple channels – voice, video, social media or messaging app –meaning you don’t have to set up dedicated helpdesks for different contact methods. All these factors contribute to customer satisfaction and, if done correctly, decrease costs dramatically.

We support our customers with strategic consultation and implementation of Generative AI solutions.

Next Generation Customer-facing Technology

Generative AI doesn’t replace human capabilities; it amplifies them. It equips your Contact Center staff with the tools they need to enrich every customer interaction. By providing insights into the customer journey, Generative AI enables your team to address concerns more effectively – whether by resolving issues directly or by automatically generating support tickets.

Regardless of the channel the customer chooses, your Contact Center will always have a short summary of all relevant interactions at its fingertips, along with a recommendation for the most appropriate next step. This ensures that your team can provide personalized, efficient, and impactful service at every turn.

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Our Impact

Our global portfolio of Generative AI projects covers multiple industries. We have a strong focus on the Customer Service sector. A selection of our projects using GenAI can be found below.


Voice of Customer Excellence
Deriving insights regarding customer pain points and WOW-moments from millions of customer interactions.

Renewable Energies

Compliant PDF Chatbot
Development and deployment of a compliant ChatPDF Chatbot on Microsoft Azure​.

Commercial Vehicle OEM

Technical Assistant
Leading the company-wide GenAI initiative and developing an LLM-powered technical assistant to boost customer service​.

Swiss Government

Know-How Retrieval ChatBot​
Providing efficient access to information to the public with help of a LLM-based chatbot​.


Customer Chat- and VoiceBot​
A multi AI-agent VoiceBot solution to raise the customer experience to the next level.​


GenAI in Customer Service
Supporting B2B customer service agents with a state-of-the-art LLM-based solutions.

Why Eraneos for Generative AI?

Eraneos is your perfect partner for integrating Generative AI into your service organization. Why? Because we’ve been around a long time, with years of experience solving Big Data problems with AI. Because our team is world-class, with over 150 experts who live and breathe artificial intelligence. And because we combine technology smarts with business know-how: you’ll find people who understand your challenges and want to solve them. People like you.

But above all, Eraneos helps you optimize that balance between performance and cost when it comes to Generative AI. Our service spans the entire AI journey: from initial strategy to project execution. We work with you to choose the right options and develop the integrations and applications that work for your situation.

Let’s explore your next AI use case together.