Digital technologies are driving manufacturing firms to an innovative new future. Industry 4.0 is here.

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The Latest Revolution

Manufacturing companies are in the middle of a process of digital transformation that is bringing Industry 4.0 to life. Various digital technologies are driving this transformation, including IT solutions like ERP, MES, CRM, and PLM systems, as well as cloud and cybersecurity technologies.  These technologies are increasing efficiency, transparency, and resilience within organizations’ core processes. 

Integrating new technologies

At the same time, emerging solutions like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence, and data analytics are enabling the digital enhancement of products and the provision of new services for customers everywhere. Modern production technologies such as AGVs, 3D printing, and robotics are increasingly integrated into smart factories in order to enhance flexibility, efficiency, and quality in production processes. 

In light of a multitude of opportunities, manufacturing companies face a variety of challenges.

Building digital competencies

Where can we set the right strategic focus in your digitalization efforts? Which directions, initiatives, and use-cases will generate the highest business value? How can we design a future-oriented digital architecture in order to be flexible, scalable, and efficient? Finding the answers to these questions and others like them will determine your success.
Finding the right solutions, applications, and technologies for new manufacturing initiatives will not be enough to ensure firms are ready to meet customer demands; these solutions must also be implemented correctly and integrated with existing systems. At the same time, the pursuit of digital change will depend on manufacturing companies being able to win the hearts and minds of their leadership teams and employees. Over the years, Eraneos has supported a multitude of manufacturing companies in ensuring that the challenges that can so often prevent digital transformation are overcome. 

Digital transformation in manufacturing

Together with our customers, Eraneos drives digital transformation by supporting manufacturing companies in the various fields of digitalization.

Digital Strategy

We support manufacturing companies in the development of their overall digital strategy as well as their respective functional strategies for IT, smart factory or service.

Digital Customer Integration

We advise manufacturers on digital customer integration by establishing customer engagement platforms in order to increase sales revenue, customer loyalty and profitability for B2B, B2B2B and B2C businesses.

Driving Efficiency

We boost efficiency along manufacturing core and support processes by designing digital architectures, evaluating core applications, and supporting the implementation of large ERP, MES, PLM or CRM projects across production, service, sales, finance and HR processes.

From a Product to a Solution and Service Provider

We support customers in their transformation from a product provider to a solution and service provider. We help them through service design and innovation workshops, leveraging best practices in the fields of IoT and service development.

Increasing Resilience

We increase resilience by advising our customers on cybersecurity and privacy in the fields of information security strategy, risk assessment, IAM, cyber-defence and offence, OT security, and compliance

Analyzing Machine Data

Structural analysis of machine data helps predict when a machine or a system will malfunction. This enables smart maintenance planning, which can often take place prior to the device breaking down. Moreover, through data analysis, companies can determine with a certain level of accuracy what is the remaining lifetime value of their machine or sensor components.

MRO & Supply Chain Optimization

We help organisations reduce unnecessary or accidental orders, optimize the number of purchases, find cheaper alternatives to expensive products, and improve efficiency, by optimizing spare parts and reducing supplier complexity With our solutions, MRO & supply chain optimization, machinery and other assets can be integrated and insight can be gained about operational risk, remaining lifecycle, and anomalies that could lead to unplanned maintenance and outages.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the Manufacturing space.

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