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The global economy depends on the optimal movement of people and goods. This can be enabled through digital transformation.

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Keeping Things Moving

Today, national economies are impacted by events occurring thousands of miles away. Enterprises have employees and customers spread across multiple countries – even continents. Supply chains are global, winding their way through multiple markets. Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of these interconnected and integrated processes is the Transportation & Logistics (T&L) sector.

Smart mobility

Continuously growing traffic volumes on our roads and larger passenger volumes on public transport are increasing pressure on mobility services. Combined with progressive urbanization, increasing scarcity of resources, and surging costs, the need for new, intelligent mobility solutions is greater than ever – ones that embrace digitalization, automation, and the sharing economy

With our services in the field of information and communication technology, as well as classic control technology, Eraneos supports the project planning, procurement, and implementation of operating and safety equipment, traffic management systems, IoT architectures, and specialist applications for high-level management and control of and rail systems. We believe that business consulting within transport and logistics can be a real driver of value. At Eraneos, we help companies develop strategies to ensure they are business and customer-oriented.

It is essential to constantly improve the capacity utilization of existing infrastructure without endangering traffic and operational safety.

Managing the pace of change in logistics

Transport and logistics companies are an integral part of modern society, affecting everything from food mobility to retail. Emerging technologies, new distribution models, and innovative data management strategies offer new opportunities throughout the sector, from designing and implementing automated warehouse management systems to real-time logistics.

Robots are supplementing human staff in warehouses and distribution centers, while end-to-end supply chains are being adapted to integrate drones and automate vehicle platooning. Keeping pace with their suppliers and customers throughout the chain, organizations in the transport and logistics sector are actively engaged in digital transformation.

Digital transformation in transportation and logistics sector

We support and advise transport and logistics companies in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

Digital Asset Management

Digitalization is changing the way we work and the jobs we do in complex mobility and logistics infrastructures. Adapted digital asset management is becoming an essential component of economic management and how our customers control their entire companies. We accompany infrastructure operators in their digital transformation.

Next-generation Traffic Management & Urban Mobility

With our know-how and experience in data management, data platforms and algorithms, we create the basis for efficient, cross-modal traffic management. In addition to integrating the necessary geo, operational and distribution data, we help our customers and the entire mobility industry to align organizational structures, workflows and processes within traffic management in order to provide safe, reliable and easily accessible mobility for travelers.

Automatic Train Operations (ATO)

ATO is a game changer in rail transport and will not only provide significantly increased train efficiency but also help to increase the maximum utilization of existing infrastructure drastically. However, development and implementation require an established partner network and a strong vision and strategy. This is where Eraneos can support with its expertise and take rail transport to the next level.

Digital Customer Journey

For us, the Digital Customer Journey means the consistent digitalization of all touchpoints from travel planning, customer information and ticketing to payment. Eraneos supports you in developing the organizational and technical capabilities to make your customers’ journey an outstanding experience.

Service Integration & Automated Management

Offering organizations a way to navigate the complex vendor landscape and build an integrated chain of internal and external solutions, we provide predictive analytics and real-time intervention in complex passenger and freight transport networks.

Logistics 4.0

Our experts support you in internal process optimization as well as in digital topics such as networked warehouses, intelligent delivery solutions or multi-channel logistics.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the transportation and logistics space.

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