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The financial sector is facing a variety of complex challenges due to tighter regulations, unstoppable digitalization and increasing competition.

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Complex Corporate and Personal Needs

The financial services industry is a broad sector that addresses financial needs for individuals and corporations. The industry includes large conglomerates as well as smaller companies. It is facing a variety of complex challenges due to tighter regulations, new reporting requirements, difficulties with talent attraction, digitalization and increasing competition from start-ups and technology providers.

Remaining relevant

In addition to these challenges, many financial institutions face a more volatile global economy with more restrictive trade practices and increasing interest rates. This has an enormous influence on entire business operations, forcing financial institutions to reconsider their business strategy.  
At Eraneos, we work with companies across the full spectrum of financial services, including banking, insurance, pensions, wealth and asset management, credits, real estate, and capital markets. Our approach is designed to help you grow the top line while reducing costs and risks. We achieve this through innovation, boosting customer loyalty, turning data and AI into value, and facilitating digital transformations.

Our approach is designed to help you grow the top line while reducing costs and risks.

Our expertise within Financial Services

We support and advise financial services in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.


Relentless technological change and ever-evolving regulatory requirements mean banks now operate in a high-velocity, always-on environment. The global pandemic intensified disruption, making banks search for ways to build resilience, identify opportunities, and manage risk.

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Built on welfare economics and economic growth, pension models in Europe had the ambition of providing sustainable defined and guaranteed retirement income for individuals for over half a century. This is shifting towards defined benefits and guaranteed pension schemes for employees, changing the role and value add of pension providers dramatically.

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Preparing for a future that seems ever more uncertain is the mandate for leaders in the insurance industry. How can they innovate amid increasing volatility and turbulence? The imperative for digital transformation in the insurance industry is greater than ever.

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Mortgages, Loans & Real Estate

The market for mortgages, lending and real estate investments is facing several challenges. There is an increasing demand for better alignment with rapidly changing customer needs. It is striking that contact with advisers is still dominant and has changed little. However, customers are asking for more transparency, better comparisons of providers and better communication and digital support throughout the entire process, from application to repayment.

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Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the financial services space to lower costs & risk, whilst also improving their top-line.

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