Given the fast-moving worlds of regulatory and customer demands, sustainability impacts many different aspects of your organization, requiring a multi-faceted approach. Our sustainability services are tailored to the individual needs of your business.

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A multi-faceted approach

For Eraneos, sustainability means more than one thing. It is about navigating through shifting regulations, meeting ESG requirements, and pursuing innovation without compromising compliance. We support you as you embrace sustainability across your entire organization.

Compliance and customers

To achieve compliance, the European Union’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) asks businesses to go far beyond just ESG reporting. CSRD requires companies to provide a comprehensive statement containing all the information necessary for an understanding of business performance, results, position and the impact of its activities in relation to sustainability issues. The directive, which came into force in January 2023, obliges around 49,000 companies across the EU to submit a comprehensive sustainability report. Can you align with all your stakeholders in this new regulatory climate?
At the same time, consumers are choosing brands for their ethics and their environmental records. Investors are similarly being drawn to businesses with strong sustainable credentials and governments are ramping up regulations around both environmental and social impact, concerning everything from carbon emissions to equal pay.  Short-term profits won’t necessarily lead to prolonged success. We believe the true measure of a successful business is one that leaves both the environment and society in a better place than they found it.

A broad offering

At Eraneos, our sustainability offering encompasses services that stretch across multiple themes that fall under the umbrella of sustainability. For example, to help you create a digital portfolio that fits modern regulatory needs, we help you transform your technology stack into “Green IT” by identifying and linking the data points necessary for you to gain insights into sustainability. Our ESG reporting consultancy service, meanwhile, provides IT-driven analysis and advice on the latest regulatory conditions, including the EU’s CSRD.
The identification, evaluation, quantification and disclosure of your sustainability performance is the only way to meet the fast-moving demands of regulators, auditors, and customers. To integrate sustainability into every aspect of your organization, we offer governance support, sustainable procurement assistance, and look to anchor your sustainability-oriented innovation culture. At Eraneos, we understand the importance of sustainability as we are committed to a net zero CO2 target by 2050 ourselves. We work with customers to weave sustainability throughout every process, improving their services for their employees, customers, and other stakeholders – today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

How we empower sustainability

We offer several value propositions as part of our Sustainability services.

Sustainability-Oriented Innovation

Develop digital business models that are fit for the sustainability market. Work with us to create cutting-edge solutions that take your business to the next level while concurrently prioritizing environmental and social value.

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Sustainable Procurement

Improve your procurement processes, guidelines and criteria for sustainability so you can source goods amid shifting market dynamics and regulatory requirements. Embed transparency, ethics, and adaptability within your procurement process.

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Energy Audit

Successfully navigate sustainability and ESG audits for regulatory compliance, meeting customer expectations, accessing government grants, and optimizing costs. Be prepared for your next energy audit. Showcase your commitment to sustainability.

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Sustainability Governance

Evaluate and develop your sustainability management processes, integrating both ESG risks and opportunities. Embrace a framework that offers smooth-running corporate functions while delivering better decision-making.

ESG Reporting Consulting

Identify, implement and report on your holistic and environmentally conscious ESG measures. With our ESG reporting consulting, quantify and disclose your ESG credentials to meet regulatory and customer demands.

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Digital Portfolio for Sustainability

Utilize data to gain new sustainability insights and employ sustainability management tools, customized to your needs. Embrace a twin transition around both sustainability and digitalization through a truly Green IT offering.

Our Impact

Our Sustainability services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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