Modern healthcare systems are not driven by profit but a commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for patients.

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Empowering Patients

Healthcare organizations aim to provide flexible and efficient care – while patients and customers expect nothing less. This challenge is increasing, partly due to shortages in the labor market. In a digital society, this requires new approaches to strategy, processes and technology.

Value-based care

The healthcare sector is shifting towards value-based care, vertical integration and (regional) collaboration, supported by new technologies and cutting-edge developments in life sciences. Digital support and secure online access is relevant in a wide range of care processes, connecting vital patient information systems without compromising confidentiality or privacy. eHealth portals, apps and patient access to their own medical records (EMR) empower patients and improve data accuracy, but also raise a new set of data security risks and compliance issues.

Digital technologies like analytics and AI, help healthcare providers to sift through massive amounts of data

Data developments

Digital technologies like analytics and AI, help healthcare providers to sift through massive amounts of data and gain valuable insight, improve processes, remove bottlenecks, as well as reduce costs and waste. On the patient side, AI has the potential to improve patient diagnoses, offer precision medicine, improve patient data security, clinical decision support, and more.

A digital strategy developed by Eraneos defines the way in which digitalization, automation and the use of data improve your customer and patient image, business processes and services. In addition, it directs the development and use of new technology and sometimes even new business models.

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector

We support and advise healthcare companies in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

eHealth & Health Ecosystems

The development and construction of health ecosystems, digital health ecosystems or health data ecosystems is gaining momentum in several markets. It is not always entirely clear what is meant by an ecosystem because the design of these ecosystems varies greatly. What is crucial, however, is that these ecosystems are only really possible with ongoing digitalization and are thus gaining importance.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

The digital revolution has greatly influenced the healthcare industry. The number of IT systems in healthcare exceeds the number in any other sphere. Why is cyber security in healthcare so important? Patient data includes personally identifiable information and sensitive medical information. A data leak can damage the reputation of both doctors and their patients.

Application Sourcing and Implementation

Digitalization begins with a clear digital strategy. Based on this, a corresponding application landscape and the associated IT architecture can be developed in a targeted manner. For this purpose, the right IT systems must be defined for the individual situation. We support our customers in evaluating a wide variety of hospital applications such as electronic health records, radiology systems, E-health solutions or PDMS.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare is of high quality in many markets, but affordability and staffing can still face intense pressure. Change is necessary to guarantee high-quality care for the future. We believe that healthcare works better when organizations are supported in making the most out of technological advancements and available data. That’s why we activate data and build innovative solutions for better care, health, affordability, and work pressure.

Digital Alignment

Business and digital strategy provide opportunities to increase customer and patient value through efficient processes and the right service using digital resources, smart use of data and the rapid deployment of the right professionals in the right place. Organizations that digitalize, dive into technology, and invest in cloud, robotics, and home automation have long been familiar with integration platforms and healthcare regionalization.

Our Impact

Our strong combination of industry-specific know-how and technological understanding has empowered multiple customers in the Healthcare sector.

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