Technology and Application Reference Landscape Development 

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Technology and Application Reference Landscape Development 

The Challenge

At the project outset, the client faced multiple challenges, including no tool implementation for the initial Power-Point-based reference landscape, lack of transparency about future IT standards, and absence of governance or usage concepts. Additionally, no guidelines existed for using available technology in new projects, making standardization difficult. 

The team’s comprehensive approach to IT reference architecture resulted in an easy-to-use and effective IT landscape, showcasing the value of a well-planned framework. 

The Approach

To address the challenges faced by the client, the team took a multi-step approach. Firstly, they conceptualized an overall IT reference landscape that included a technology roadmap and a capability-based application and technology reference landscape.  

Next, they proposed integrating this landscape into the organization’s existing tool landscape and piloted usage and maintenance processes. Additionally, the team created decision trees that helped project managers decide which technology is best suited for their projects based on key questions. 
Finally, the team completed and formally approved the IT reference landscape, including a comprehensive approach for data collection, assessment, and future approvals. The final IT reference landscape was embedded into the organization’s Intranet, making it easily accessible to stakeholders. 

Development of a holistic platform strategy to support the reduction of IT landscape complexity and encourage cross-domain functionality of platforms and applications.

The Result

The team’s multi-step approach and successful implementation resulted in significant benefits for the client. Here are some key outcomes: 

  • Easy usage for project managers and business stakeholders thanks to the decision-making methodology and implementation of the IT landscape 
  • Development of a comprehensive IT reference architecture framework 
  • Successful piloting of the framework, indicating its readiness for implementation at scale 
  • Comprehensive and accessible IT reference landscape, embedded in the organization’s intranet 
  • Effective decision trees that enable project managers to choose the most appropriate tools based on key questions 

Overall, the results of the team’s approach demonstrate the value of a well-planned and executed IT reference architecture framework, which can significantly enhance an organization’s IT landscape and overall performance. 

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