SAFe Implementation Framework for an International Software Development Program

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SAFe Implementation Framework for an International Software Development Program

The Challenge

Our Client planned to introduce a global data mesh platform through a comprehensive international software development program.

Only limited agile and product methodological competence was available among the program members as well as a low orientation at the beginning regarding a suitable product structure and adoption of the scaled agile development framework.

Our Customer fastly adopted the SAFe- & product-oriented framework for an international software development program

The Approach

Our mission is always to implement a framework that fits to the individual needs of our clients. We ensured this in reviewing and selecting most suitable agile methods for our customer. Agile Team coaching and method coaching was very effective in enabling the key roles of the program and also on team level. In this context we also prepared and facilitated SAFe events to enable “learning on the job” for program members. This was an ongoing process in order to bulid up the neccessary capabilities internally.

We additionaly supported the program in adopting further advanced agile and product methods like demand/requirements engineering and fostered user centric development through interactive events.

With the help of our agile software development approach we created motivated high-performing teams.

The Result

Through the collaboration with Eraneos and by providing a clear operation model, our client was able to fastly adopt the product & SAFe-oriented framework only a few months after the program had started. We achieved to enable the internal program members to fill out their key roles (e.g., RTE, Product Owner, Scrum Master, etc.).

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