Process Landscape Modelling


Process Landscape Modelling

The Challenge

The customer had only incomplete process descriptions, which were also not documented according to uniform guidelines. However, the regulatory framework in Germany requires banks and financial service providers to provide comprehensive process documentation. The inadequate documentation situation ultimately led to audit findings for the customer, which were to be remedied as part of a program that had been set up.

The approach

Implementation of a six-week pilot phase for the initial clarification of terminology, working methods and documentation standards with the customer. Following the pilot phase, the team was significantly expanded and the selected PM tool “Hopex” was used. The individual processes were summarized in thematic blocks and documented by teams of two modelers in workshops together with the customer’s functional contact persons – on average, two workshops of two hours each were carried out per process. Recording of all customer processes in a standardized format (BPMN 2.0), including associated process artifacts (e.g. systems, risks). Documentation in a central system of the customer to enable affected entities to use the data for follow-up activities

The result

Implementation of an agreed documentation standard for the customer. Around 900 processes and associated artifacts recorded in BPMN notation. Initial population of the selected PLM tool “Hopex”
Successful implementation of a central process management unit.

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