Implementation of Operating Model and Leadership Enablement for Internal “Data Driven Company” Program

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Implementation of Operating Model and Leadership Enablement for Internal “Data Driven Company” Program

The Challenge

Data has become massive within the past decades. The client understood that only handling data in several warehouses is not enough to stay competitive towards other industry player. Therefore, the client decided to put data and its value as well as its treatments into the heart of the future strategic set up and working model. This required both, technical implementation of new data anyltics platform as well as human driven change elements.

Data as the core source for competitive advantages has been targeted by the client to be the main driver for future working and operating model throughout the entire organization.

The Approach

Our teams diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences give us the opportunity to tackle issues, clients face from several ankles. Within the implementation of a data driven company, a variety of topics popped up. Even after the strategic set up stakeholder became aware about “new” or “additional” needs necessary to work on. With our team we were able to act fast and focused and to emphasize what is important and what to prioritze on several strategic corners.

We defined and re-defined Stakeholder Groups and derived tasks and requirements necessary to implement data driven operations. Key element of the entire implementation was the enablement of new established Operating departments which would carry our Data & Analytics based use cases within all organizational functions. To drive this establishment of the new requirements, new leadership roles have been installed and enabled to drive the organizational goals towards the operational development.

With the help of our extensive experience in leadership development and change management tools, we managed to enable Stakeholder on a different level to move faster within the strategic program and operationalize the data driven strategy in a short time frame.

The Result

Through the collaboration with Eraneos the client was able to accelerate the implementation of the Data Driven company strategy. Together, we were able to adopt pre-defined responsibilities, set up a functional Data & Analytics use case portfolios in several organizational functions and implement a Co-working model throughout the entire company. The enablement of leadership responsibilities helped to adapt the pre -evaluated innovation processes to include technical needs as well as resource-based prioritization. Next to the establishment of future focused roles, internal requirements were set up and completed to ensure progress. With our iterative approach we constantly increased awareness, understanding and buy-in from all included parties to integrate a successful model on a long-term perspective. Lastly, we used the enablement process to have the client act on constant innovation mode to meet their targets in the future.

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