Enabling a product-centric transformation for a financial service provider

Financial Services Provider of a German Automotive OEM

Enabling a product-centric transformation for a financial service provider

The Challenge

Eraneos was asked to help implement a methodology for agile portfolio management and to make the transformation more measurable by drafting a travel guide summarizing the objectives, principles, and preferred way of working at the company. The strategic objective of the customer is to implement a product-oriented organization. However, the BI, Data, ML Projects/Product landscape of the customer is very heterogeneous (different development methods, demand processes, tools, team setup, stakeholders) and despite capacity and technical dependencies all projects/products work mostly separated in their own teams. In addition, there was no overarching portfolio & governance level responsible for prioritizing portfolio demands and deciding on cross-product standards within the product organization and with stakeholders.

“In addition to the cross-product steering capabilities, the introduction of the portfolio and governance process has had the positive side effect that we now have visibility into all the products we need for the Project to Product transformation”.

The approach

The project embraced an iterative approach to develop an individual portfolio and governance process, drawing from agile methods and product management best practices, including lean portfolio management. We maintained a strong collaborative partnership with the client.

Another phase defined the scope of BI, Data & ML Products/Projects. This was followed by a structured rollout plan, executed in waves to enhance feasibility and progression.
We provided briefing and mentorship to key stakeholders, including top management, stakeholders, business owners, and product owners.

For visibility, a Portfolio Kanban Board was established in JIRA, showcasing products and projects for the inaugural wave.

During implementation, a pivotal prioritization & governance board meeting was held. A comprehensive change management framework facilitated seamless assimilation of the Portfolio & Governance Process.

The client represents the financial and mobility services division of a prominent player within the German automotive industry. This division is recognized for providing an array of services related to cars and vans, specifically centered around financing, leasing, and insurance offerings

The result

– Visibility on maturity and status of more than 20 BI, Data & ML Solutions.
– Transparency on the state of portfolio demands.
– Decision-making body for cross-product standards and measures.
– New communication and collaboration platform for stakeholders and product representatives.

In summary: Creation of fundamental structures to enable the Project to Product transformation.

Let’s create sustainable change together.