Mapping a New Customer Service Organization at PostAuto


Mapping a New Customer Service Organization at PostAuto

Happier PostAuto guests – Improving the customer journey by leveraging synergies, integrating operational standards, and reorganizing the Customer Service Unit.

The approach

Improving customer-centricity and optimizing operational synergies were paramount. Our team’s main goal was to introduce an integrated design for the national Customer Service Unit, addressing both Organization & Change and Systems & Processes. Completing the Target Operating Model and establishing a national process organization required our team to define the future organizational structure, including its standard processes. The team devised and ensured national standards, fostering cross-territory customer consulting, uniform processes, and improved accessibility. We also effected intensive change support by adapting the conceptual design of training program and by establishing a national knowledge and data management platform. Focusing on solution management, our Eraneos team provided business support for the successful outsourcing of PubliCar services, lost property services, and operational lifecycle management for the existing telephone routing system.

“We speak the same language: Customers are at the center”.

Urs Hochueli, Project Owner and Head of Customer Competence Center at PostAuto

As a public transport company in Switzerland and a subsidiary of the Swiss Post, PostAuto operates an extensive network of bus routes covering both urban and rural areas across the country. With modern buses, high punctuality, and environmentally friendly technologies, PostAuto plays an important role in the country’s public transport system. In addition to regular bus services, PostAuto also offers special services such as school trips and charter buses to provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience and promote mobility in Switzerland.

The results

A vision and mission was jointly developed for customer service that everyone can follow. Uniform Customer Service Unit processes provide a coherent and consistent customer experience throughout the organization. PostAuto is now a more simplified organization, as well, achieving higher coverage while retaining the same number of staff. Synergies are leveraged intensively across Switzerland, enhancing operational efficiency and gain readiness for more automatization. The outsourcing of PubliCar services and lost property services is supported on a strategic level, contributing to overall organizational effectiveness.