Leadership within Lean-Agile Enterprise

Leadership within Lean-Agile Enterprise

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The move towards more responsive and higher performing IT organizations is well-established, using terms like Lean, Agile and DevOps. These philosophies have proven to be successful in sufficient cases that many businesses are following the lead of the early adopters.

Leaders play a somewhat confused role in the move to becoming a more agile organization. On the one hand, they enthusiastically embrace the possibility of escaping the current siloed structure, in which the massive amounts of coordination required cause a slow response to rapidly changing market conditions. On the other hand, as with previous attempts to improve the performance of their organization, they see this transformation as something that primarily affects the operational teams.

This leads to a ‘missing link’ in most transformations: a lack of adjustment of leadership behaviors. This white paper investigates this missing link and provides a clear ‘map’ for helping leaders to transition from a traditional way of working to a way of working that is fully compatible with the Lean-Agile way of working.



Leadership within Lean-Agile Enterprise

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