“At Eraneos we want to make an impact, and we do! Our customers confirm this.”

Pamela Verkijk     Senior Consultant

“At Eraneos we want to make an impact, and we do! Our customers confirm this.”

Meet Senior Consultant Pamela

Time flies when you are having fun! After 7 years, Pamela Verkijk is still very much where she likes to be. “During my application process they really considered if I would be a good fit for the company, and if the company would be a good fit for me personally, which was very pleasant. This way, we would make sure it was a personal match too, and not just a professional one.”

Before Pamela became part of Eraneos, she was working for an IT supplier. “During my time as a bid manager I came across Eraneos multiple times”. She started working at Eraneos as a senior consultant and could start a project right away. “As a bid manager I was on the other side of the tables, this helped me to understand what needed to be done now that the tables were turned”.

“I love the Eraneos-mentality: always trying new things, being critical, and challenging one another.:

Pamela Verkijk – Senior Consultant, Sourcing & IT Advisory, and responsible for the insurance sector

Working at Eraneos

Pamela mostly works on bigger projects that have a longer duration. “My last projects would take around 1,5 to 2 years, and now I am working on another larger project that will not be finished for another 9 months. I am an ambitious and commercial person,” Pamea explains, “and I enjoy the challenge of working for companies that have the same mindset”.
At her current project, Pamela is focused on business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO). “We did the sourcing strategy for this customer and are now moving towards various phases where we will be launching services” Pamela explains. It is a BPO outsourcing, which has never been done before in the Netherlands. “This is also typical of Eraneos,” Pamela laughs, “we are not afraid to take on challenges! There is a lot of (different) expertise within Eraneos and everyone is there for each other when support is needed or to think with each other about challenges. This ensures, among other things, that Eraneos is a very nice company to work for”.

“At Eraneos we want to make an impact, and we do! Our customers confirm this,” says Pamela. “For customers, these are transformations that they do not often do and therefore often do not have the people with the knowledge and skillset in their own team. We advise and guide the customer in the approach and process; we provide the structure, the materials, and the necessary knowledge.” By ‘taking the customer by the hand’ in this process, Pamela and her colleagues ensure impact and change. The impact they make differs every time. “One time you advise a company on strategic choices, the other time you guide and support them in their implementation,” Pamela explains, “but the goal is that you offer the customer the best possible outcome that fits their issue.”

In addition to her role as a senior consultant, Pamela is also responsible for the insurance sector within Eraneos. “Within this sector I am responsible for business development, proposition development, marketing, and other initiatives,” Pamela says, “I notice that I get a lot of energy from this.” Pamela gets excited about strategic assignments because she gains a lot of insight into the strategic challenges in the sector and the dynamics that take place. With the role comes a lot of new tasks and challenges, which Pamela has taken on with great enthusiasm.


Ideas are always welcome at Eraneos. “When you want to develop yourself in something or see an opportunity, and it is of course in line with the company’s objective and it is well-founded, there is a lot of room to implement it,” says Pamela, “We always look at what is possible and how we can try new things.” Pamela therefore experiences Eraneos as an agile and accessible organization where you can easily find your way. “You can organize your work the way you want,” says Pamela, looking at output. “This allows me to choose to be with my daughter for an hour during the day, and to fill that hour in the evening.” Colleagues have a great deal of mutual understanding for this and offer each other the opportunity for flexibility.

At Eraneos, we believe it is important to challenge ourselves, our industry, and our customers. “By being critical, you challenge the customer to adopt a certain point of view, or to question a certain point of view,” so that you, as a consultant, choose the right route together with the customer. “The statement ‘we’ve always done it this way’ makes my hair stand on end,” Pamela laughs, “Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it will still work now, or in the future.” Pamela ensures that her customers do not blindly follow the old path but look to the future with a fresh look.

Volleybal and baking

Pamela lives in Noordwijkerhout with her partner and eight-year-old daughter. She loves sports and is currently playing volleyball. “Besides exercising, I really enjoy cooking and baking,” Pamela says, “I enjoy baking with my daughter for various occasions.” Together they baked and sold cupcakes for the WWF, the proceeds of which went to charity.