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Supporting companies in the identification, implementation, and reporting of ESG measures. Use our IT-driven expertise to meet your regulatory needs.

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Outlining Compliance

It’s not enough for businesses to claim that they are meeting sustainability standards – they must be able to prove it. We work with customers to ensure compliance can always be verified on an IT basis.

Validate and Share

At Eraneos, our sustainability reporting consulting helps companies to identify, implement and report on holistic and environmentally conscious ESG measures. Our ESG consulting expertise comprises two components. The first is a modular five-step approach to support companies’ sustainability reporting obligations, for example, in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). The second component of our ESG reporting consulting is a four-step approach to identifying sustainable economic activities, as defined by the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

Your path to compliance

Both of our approaches to ESG reporting are integrated within our general consulting service and start with a basic sustainability assessment, a comparison between corporate and sustainability strategy and a stakeholder dialogue. For the CSRD reporting obligation, this is followed by a double materiality analysis, the definition of SMART goals and a roadmap that shows which data must be reported alongside which particular KPIs. The path to EU taxonomy conformity starts with the analysis of all economic activities in your company, first for taxonomy compliance and then for taxonomy conformity, in order to arrive at the relevant financial KPIs of sales, OpEx and CapEx.

How we support our customers

We offer additional manufacturer independent advice on ESG tool selection and IT implementation if required and work with you to create an initial report prototype. We look forward to supporting our clients in shaping a more sustainable future by visualizing the importance of ESG in your company to all your stakeholders and the relevance of ESG to your entire business.

Your sustainability journey

Our ESG reporting consulting prepares clients to meet regulator demands in a verifiable and repeatable manner based on a modular, IT-driven approach.

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Our ESG reporting consulting services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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