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Financial services providers must embrace digital transformation to navigate an uncertain future and outpace digital-native competitors.

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Preparing for an Uncertain Future

The market for mortgages, lending and real estate investments is facing several challenges. There is an increasing demand for better alignment with rapidly changing customer needs. It is striking that contact with advisers is still dominant and has changed little. However, customers are asking for more transparency, better comparisons of providers and better communication and digital support throughout the entire process, from application to repayment.

Moreover, we are seeing more parties appear in the chain that often take over part of the process. Other parties are trying to broaden their services to achieve economies of scale. For this to succeed, collaboration is crucial and the way it is set up must be reconsidered. Finally, we are seeing a major innovation in technology at various institutions, with the new data possibilities being an important driver of trends and also offering a solution to meet requirements.

In 2020 I joined a company that provides mortgage advice. Their outdated IT systems from the 1990s no longer sufficed. Nothing worked properly, they had to use many different programs and the whole thing could no longer be secured. In 1.5 years we have redesigned everything, from working methods and market propositions to the customer journey.

Jan Heuthorst, Senior Manager at Eraneos

To respond properly to this, it is crucial that financial service providers can work flexibly and cost-efficiently. A (digital) transformation is essential for this. Eraneos supports financial service providers in this transformation to become future-proof. We help them in the following areas, among others:

  • A digital strategy and vision. Drawing up and realizing a new vision of the future with which organizations get the most out of their data and optimally support their customers.
  • An enterprise blueprint. Determining how the financial services provider can operate as a modern organization in terms of structure and technology. And can transform to this in order to achieve their goals, also in the long term.
  • Cost-effective and flexible working. With new ways of working agile, supported by new technology, flexibility is increased and costs are reduced.

Digital transformation for the mortgages market

We support and advise financial services providers in developing their digital strategies and leveraging data to optimize processes and meet customer needs.

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