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The financial sector is facing a variety of complex challenges due to tighter regulations, unstoppable digitalization and increasing competition.

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Mastering the Challenges of the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry continues to face major challenges. High costs, more regulation, strong competition and rising customer expectations are increasing the pressure to change. At the same time, risks are rising due to geopolitical uncertainties and cybercrime.

Digital transformation is a fundamental factor that permanently challenges established structures. It not only accelerates individual processes, but changes many rules of the business approach. Economically, digitalisation is attractive in many regards. With intelligent and well-applied automation, variable costs can be saved and complexity reduced. But only a fundamental change in the process landscape towards the highest degree of efficiency and customer orientation creates the conditions for becoming more flexible, agile and customer-friendly as a company.

With our many years of experience, we at Eraneos support banks, captives and insurance companies with strategic, regulatory and operational challenges. These range from business unit alignment to the management of IT implementations, from reorganisation and process optimisation to the implementation of new regulatory requirements. Our approach is designed to help you increase revenue while reducing costs and risks. We achieve this by innovating, strengthening customer loyalty, turning data and AI into value and facilitating digital transformation. And by delivering changes and IT transformations in a most efficient and effective way.


Recent years have shown that for banks, constant change is the new normal. Digitalisation, new customer needs, but also a more volatile global economy require continuous adaptation. At the same time, new technologies are already on the horizon that have the potential to revolutionise the entire banking industry in its basic structures. 

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Preparing for a future that seems ever more uncertain is the mandate for leaders in the insurance industry. How can they innovate amid increasing volatility and turbulence? The imperative for digital transformation in the insurance industry is greater than ever.

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