Transforming Stedin Meetbedrijf into a Data-driven Organization


Transforming Stedin Meetbedrijf into a Data-driven Organization

Assessing the maturity of data management within the company to develop a roadmap for transformation

The Challenge

Energy company Stedin Meetbedrijf wanted to become a more data-driven organization. While it had already streamlined internal services which had led to significant improvements and savings, the next steps were for it to develop products and services based on data. Eraneos was asked to help Stedin Meetbedrijf in its efforts by carrying out an assessment to determine the maturity of data management within the company. This research would help, among other things, to further develop the data-based embedding of business services, marking the beginning of the bumpy road toward a new, data-driven enterprise.

“A data-driven organization needs different processes, makes new demands on IT, and requires different competencies from the people who work here.”

The approach

We kicked off the project by investigating the maturity of the organization in regard to data handling and management. This was important because a high level of data management maturity is required to implement a strategy. Based on the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK), we established that the metering company had a maturity level of one for most DMBOK components. This indicated, among other things, that the vision of data had not yet been sufficiently articulated in a business case, and that data management was very much still in its infancy.

Stedin Meetbedrijf is part of the Eneco Group and a subsidiary of Stedin Netbeheer. Since the liberalization of the energy market, Stedin Meetbedrijf has been an independent metering company in the energy sector. As one of the three major measurement companies in the Netherlands, it provides measurement services for the business segment. With modern metering techniques and smart applications, Stedin Meetbedrijf offers companies insight, an overview, and extensive starting points for energy savings.

The result

With the help of DMBOK, we have provided Stedin Meetbedrijf with a roadmap for data management for newly introduced services and products. Using this assessment as a solid foundation, Stedin Meetbedrijf continues to work, although there was still much work to be done.

Still, the company’s transformation into a data-driven enterprise is in full swing. There is plenty of data, but a data-driven company needs different processes as well as different conditions for IT, and requires different competencies and knowledge from the employees. In short, it requires a culture change and a different mindset at all levels of the company. Eraneos’ assessment has provided the company with a good foundation for this.

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