Unboxing SAFe: How to Successfully Implement Scaled Agile

Unboxing SAFe: How to Successfully Implement Scaled Agile

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“Disrupt before you’re disrupted,” is a catchphrase heard in every sector. Technological developments are occurring one after another at an increasing pace and they are changing our life as a person, a customer and an employee. In turn, to survive, enterprises have to change their way of working. Disruptors in the market have mastered agility by creating innovative ecosystems to embed it across the entire organization: from ideas to product development and all the way through to release and support. The result? Their products reach customers in several hours, days or weeks instead of months or years. This allows them to increase their market share, reduce costs, achieve higher customer satisfaction and thus stay ahead of the competition.

Many organizations already work with successful scrum teams. These teams are able to do even more when the rest of the organization works with the same level of agility. Success can be achieved if the whole supply chain is optimized in an agile way and the value stream as a whole is coordinated. SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is the most popular agile scaling framework. It was recently given a major update to clarify what business agility means and how you can achieve it. Many organizations are facing the question of how to implement SAFe successfully.

This whitepaper is aimed at CIOs and their teams who want to scale up from ad-hoc agile working to always agile. The desired result is to enhance agility by increasing predictability and getting rid of complexity. We take you through all the steps of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, and we examine how to complete each one. This whitepaper provides you with knowledge you can immediately apply as well as hands-on information about implementing the SAFe framework.



Unboxing SAFe: How to Successfully Implement Scaled Agile

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