Eraneos Group with revenue growth and international expansion

Eraneos Group with revenue growth and international expansion

Press release

Zurich, 05. April 2023 – Eraneos Group completes its first year of joint operations delivering a 25.6% revenue growth:

  • Eraneos Group recorded revenues of 221.3 million EUR, representing a 25.6% organic growth.
  • Overall talent development and acquisition puts the total number of highly skilled professionals at just over 1000 worldwide.
  • Eraneos Group achieved their international collaboration goals, significantly expanding joint consultancy business and enhancing client support.
  • The Group expanded in Germany by acquiring DCP and W21 and opened a new office in Austria. Eraneos now maintains offices at several locations in Switzerland and Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, China, Singapore, and the USA.
  • Founding and rebranding efforts are completed, allowing Eraneos Group to fully focus on enabling clients to realize their potential in the digital age.
  • The positive operative efforts from 2022 provide the basis for the further implementation of the Eraneos Group strategy targeting continued double-digit growth for 2023 and beyond.

International expansion and collaboration for client success

Eraneos Group attributes their first-year positive performance and growth to an intensified, client-centric focus that is driven by comprehensive collaboration from within. Working jointly across internal knowledge communities, locations, and high levels of industry-proven expertise, client support teams implement best-practice solutions for each client’s successful digital transformation efforts. This practice has proven to increase client confidence, generating improved project revenue with existing customers as well as enabling new client wins with projects that may have been out of reach pre-merger.

Rebranding to Group strategy

The new Eraneos Group closed 2022 with a new company name, several new locations, and an expanded international footprint. This completes the full rebranding that had been started upon the merger of AWK Group, Ginkgo Management Consulting, and Quint Group. Together in 2022, the Eraneos Group companies increased their focus on talent and their now signature, cross-border collaborative approach. Reinforced by the Group kick-off event in Rhodes, Greece, in April 2022, joint pitches and wins throughout the year prove the Eraneos story has quickly evolved to a viable business model, both for clients and consultants.

This internal positioning fosters internal career growth opportunities, as well. Earning the label “Great Place to Work®”, as well as the Prix d’Encouragement from the City of Zurich, Switzerland, the Group confirms its dedication to nurturing talent at every level of the organization.

Oliver Vaterlaus, Group CEO, says: “Eraneos Group has progressed from a strong possibility to a proven success and our networked organization has succeeded in coming together in full. This is apparent in the way our people collaborate to develop and design highly targeted solutions that then become joint wins. This is something unique which we have built, truly a new era, and we are very proud as it reinforces how we think and act as a Group and how we live our company culture. Joint wins contribute to the backbone of our topline growth and also serve to set the groundwork for our continued success through more sustainable growth, as we move into 2023.”

“This is something unique which we have built, truly a new era, and we are very proud as it reinforces how we think and act as a Group and how we live our company culture.”

Oliver Vaterlaus, CEO, Eraneos Group

About Eraneos Group

Eraneos Group is an international management & technology consulting group providing digitalization and transformation services, from strategy development to implementation. It has emerged from the alliance of Ginkgo Management Consulting, Quint Group, and AWK Group, as announced in 2021, and with DCP and W21, in 2022. The Group serves clients across three continents where some 1000 dedicated and highly skilled professionals work jointly to unleash the full potential of digital. Services range from the development of digital business models and data analytics to cyber security, and from sourcing and IT advisory to the management of complex transformation projects. Eraneos Group has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, China, Singapore, and the USA. In 2022, Eraneos Group realized a turnover of over 220m EUR.