Eraneos becomes Veeva Development Cloud Partner

Eraneos becomes Veeva Development Cloud Partner

Press release

Zurich, 15 July 2024 – We are excited to share that Eraneos is officially a Veeva Development Cloud Partner in the area of Implementation Services. This partnership strengthens our commitment to empowering life sciences companies with cutting-edge solutions for clinical, regulatory, and quality processes.

As Veeva Development Cloud Partner, Eraneos is now well-equipped to help our life sciences clients:

1. Streamline drug development: From trialdesign to regulatory submissions, we’ll optimize your processes for efficiency and compliance.
2. Drive innovation: Leverage data-driven insights to accelerate time-to-market for new therapies.
3. Drive digital transformation: Embrace the power of cloud technology to modernize your operations and unlock new levels of collaboration.

As Veeva Partner, we bring deep industry expertise and a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. We’re excited to collaborate with life sciences innovators to achieve their goals and make a real difference in patient lives

Matthias Wittig, Senior Manager, Eraneos Group

Our expertise then also extends beyond implementation, offering comprehensive services in:

  • Data Governance: Ensure data integrity, compliance, and security throughout your Veeva environment.
  • Master Data Management: Establish a single source of truth for critical business data, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Business Intelligence: Gain actionable insights from your data to drive strategic initiatives and measure performance.
  • Data Science: Apply advanced analytics to uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, and personalize patient experiences.