New era, new ways to travel

The new era of public transport will require your organization to deliver seamless travel and meet customer demands along every stage of their journey.

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A seamless travel experience

The new era of public transport is characterized by increasingly high customer expectations regarding the ease and efficiency of their travel experiences. By optimizing the journey and ensuring the customer is empowered with the right travel information during their trip, you can enhance their experience. How can your company offer customers seamless travel and translate their needs into solutions?

Your digital journey

If your organization is to find success in the new era of public transport, it is essential to understand the Digital Customer Journey. This involves the consistent digitalization of all touchpoints from planning, information, and ticketing to payment. At Eraneos Group, our tailored offerings can support your organization along every step of your digitalization journey. Our expertise also covers all the background systems you need, such as public transport and multimodal routing, public transport distribution systems, incident management tools, control systems, data hubs, display servers and more. And once your digital journey is on the right track, the customer’s journey becomes as easy as possible.

In crafting your digital journey, customer-centric needs analysis will be critical. This will require the development of a strategy that puts the customer at the center. You can then create a prioritization roadmap, complete with your requirements, fields of action, solution evaluation and benchmarking. Eraneos will also support your organization with procurement, implementation support, and the rollout of new systems.

Passenger Touchpoints

The digital journey is the consistent digitalization of all touchpoints from planning, information and ticketing to payment.

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Every step of the way

At Eraneos Group, we offer expert knowledge of transportation and technology so you can make an impact on your customer’s travel experience. With our bespoke solutions, we will support your public transport company to deliver fast, seamless, efficient journeys for your customers, bolstered by digital travel information that is consistent, personalized, and accurate.
We have experience in your industry, understand your challenges and have in-depth technological knowledge. We ensure you can make the most of the opportunities the digital age has to offer. We have experience with a wide range of companies, in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and abroad, so you can benefit from our expertise both locally and internationally. Reaching the new era of public transport is a journey – and we’re here to help you get there.

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We support your organization with strategy development, procurement, implementation support, and the rollout of new systems.

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