Making Analysis and Recommendations so the Company Could Make Well-Founded Decisions on how Best to Proceed 


Making Analysis and Recommendations so the Company Could Make Well-Founded Decisions on how Best to Proceed 

Conducting a total software solution assessment for Viacar AG

The Challenge

Due to the increasing complexity of the digital world, Viacar’s operating software – in spite of continuous adjustments – was no longer fully up-to-date with the latest technology. This brought about the development of a multi-year software development program with the aim of developing the next version from scratch and incorporating all stakeholder views. At that point, Viacar had developed various strategic variants to be examined as part of an external mandate. This was made with a focus on feasibility from a business, technical and architectural point of view. 
Since the project was more complex than initially thought, Eraneos worked with Viacar to analyze and reassess each individual step. It was decided that the best possible variant for the continuation of the program would be evaluated from the customer’s point of view. Nevertheless, after many years of cooperation, Viacar approached us to help it achieve these goals and it was able to jump on board and give support with little notice. 

“For us, a neutral and holistic assessment was decisive for the successful further course of this complex software project”

Johannes Hennekeuser, CEO, Viacar AG

The approach

Making use of our experience and expertise, we assessed the project from an external view, weighing up the opportunities and risks of the different variants to analyze and judge what were the best options, neutrally. This was an important milestone in helping to move the project forward in a safe and secure way while forming a good basis of information for the different stakeholders.  
Under a tight schedule, Eraneos also conducted interviews with Viacar’s management to gain the best recommendations for action. This helped to ensure that decision-making was more efficient throughout the duration of the project. 

Viacar AG is the owner and operator of the proven Viacar system of the same name. Thanks to this all-in-one software solution, all of the road traffic department’s tasks can be carried out reliably and efficiently. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), the Viacar system supports the different work areas of road traffic authorities and offers various e-government services, from approvals for cars, trucks, and motor ships to changes of address, booking vehicle and driving tests, and ordering ID cards.

The result

Despite a short-term expansion of the project scope, Eraneos was able to successfully conduct the assessment of Viacar’s total software solution with a flexible, pragmatic, and confidential approach. 
Based on Eraneos’ analysis and recommendations for action, Viacar was also able to make a well-founded decision on how to proceed. Since that time, project implementation has been going well with Eraneos’ report resulting in additional learning benefits for Viacar. 
Our contributions to this project have meant that Viacar can continue its success in a goal-oriented manner.  

Let’s create sustainable change together.